Every Mind Matters: Supporting Public Health England

The positive impact of small acts of kindness has been confirmed through research that showed the average person in Britain treasures greetings cards so much they keep them for more than 3 years!

We all know that a kind gesture from a friend or loved one can often work wonders in raising a smile or turning a low mood around. Something as simple as a card through the letterbox, a quick text or phone call, a bunch of flowers, or even a smile or hello on a walk in the park can make a big difference and help us feel connected to people and the world around us. Whether we’re sending or receiving, the very act of reaching out brings us closer to one another.

While the positive effects of small gestures are not in doubt, we wanted to gather evidence of just how great an impact they make, so we conducted our own research*. The results demonstrated just how much receiving a greetings card or another thoughtful form of contact can lift a person’s mood.

A little goes a long way

We discovered, for instance, that 84% of us agree that little gestures make a huge, positive difference to our day, while 24% of Brits say that receiving an unexpected greeting card would make their day.  

In fact, the cards we receive – and the thoughtful sentiments behind them – are so special to us that the average Brit keeps greeting cards for more than five years. In a time where emotional closeness to loved ones is more important for our mental well being than ever before, we found out that a beautiful greetings card really goes a long way.

Every Mind Matters

Given that mental health is so important to us here at thortful, partnering with PHE to support their campaign was a perfect match. That’s why we’re working with Public Health England (PHE) for Mental Health Awareness week to encourage people to look after their mental health by staying connected .

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we are encouraging people to look after their mental health by taking the Every Mind Matters Mind Plan quiz – and we will be gifting 10,000 free cards** to people who complete the quiz. By answering 5 questions about how you’re feeling you will get a free personalised Mind Plan, to give you practical tips and expert NHS advice on what you can do to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Click here to do the quiz – and if you’re one of the first 10,000 people to do so and click ‘email my plan’ from 10th May, PHE will share a unique offer code for you to claim your free card. All you need to do is pay 81p P&P- which is less than the cost of a first class stamp!

Are you okay?

As part of this partnership, our creative community here at thortful have produced a bespoke range of greeting cards called the Are You OK? collection. These beautiful cards are the perfect way to tell those you love that you are thinking of them, to remind them that you are always there to listen and support them, and to let them know that they are doing well despite difficult circumstances. Ranging from funny to thoughtful, and from poignant to slightly cheesy, all the cards of the Are You OK? collection are sure to bring us closer to the people we love.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, PHE’s Every Mind Matters campaign will provide support, advice and guidance to anybody facing mental health problems. Here at thortful, we’re thrilled that we can contribute to the campaign through our partnership, and we hope that amongst our Are You OK? collection you will find the perfect card to send to a friend or loved one.

Receiving a greetings card can make us feel loved, cared for and connected. It lets us know that someone is looking out for our mental wellbeing, and it puts a smile on our faces. In a time when many of us are still physically separated, don’t forget that a simple card can bring us closer together.

Click here to browse the Are You OK? collection!

* The research for thortful was carried out online by Opinion Matters throughout 23/04/2021 to 26/04/2021 amongst a panel resulting in 2,000 UK adults responding. All research conducted adheres to the MRS Codes of Conduct (2010) in the UK and ICC/ESOMAR World Research Guidelines. Opinion Matters is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act (1998) 

** This offer is for the value of an A5 card (£3.29) off any product in thortful’s Are You OK? range and requires payment of postage costs (this is 81p for UK addresses). Codes must be obtained by filling in the Every Mind Matters Mind Plan and requesting the results to be emailed to the participant. The offer is limited to the first 10,000 participants. Codes are available from 10/05/21. Offer ends at 23:59 GMT on 31/05/21 or when 10,000 participants have received codes. Codes must be applied at the checkout in order to redeem the card. thortful and PHE will not take responsibility for failure to apply the discount. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. This offer is between the participant and thortful and PHE have no liability to provide goods or services other than Mind Plan. No personal data is shared by PHE.