How to throw a pawfect dog birthday party

How to throw a pawfect dog birthday party

A true part of the family, there’s a very good reason why dogs are referred to as man’s best friend. If they’re about to celebrate turning another year older (or seven in dog years) then it’s time to treat your pooch and celebrate their birthday just as you would do a partner, child or close friend by throwing the pawfect dog birthday party. Here at thortful, we’re experts on finding a way to celebrate any special occasion so let’s get right into all of our dog birthday ideas so that you can make sure they have a party that will get their tail wagging.

Who should you invite to your dog birthday party?

While we know the idea of being surrounded by pups at your dog birthday birthday may sound like a dream situation for some it’s still important to come up with a list of who you want to invite to avoid having too many paws running around.

Well, to help you get going, here are some invitees you might want to prioritise:

  • Family members + their dogs
  • Close friends + their dogs
  • Doggy friends from the park or elsewhere like the kennel or groomers
  • Other family and friends who aren’t dog owners but are still dog lovers

All that matters is you have a nice balance between people and pooches without it becoming overwhelming. Also, you might want to also consider avoiding inviting any pups who can’t handle lots of other dogs and people or anyone with a very unfortunate allergy to dogs.

Dog birthday party decorations and supplies

Much like any typical birthday party, decorations and other supplies are simply a must for making it feel like a true celebration. Not sure what you might need to go out and get? Here are some of our ideas for dog birthday party decorations and supplies you might want to get your hands (or paws) on:

  • Party hats – Go on and try tell us something that would be cuter than a bunch of dogs wearing party hats to celebrate a certain pooch’s birthday. We bet you can’t! Plus, this is the perfect time to snap a quick pic of your pooch for social media.
  • Birthday balloons – Whether you go for something simple or spell out their name or age, birthday balloons are a quick way to make a space feel like a party. Obviously, as it’s a dog birthday party it’s important to put the balloons in a safe spot away from being chewed on by any pups in attendance.
  • Dog birthday treats – Honestly, is it really a birthday party if there isn’t some cake involved? Well, the same goes for your dogs, so make sure to sort out something yummy for them to dig into!! From pupcakes to a full birthday cake, you can easily find dog-friendly recipes online. In fact, we’ve actually collaborated with the RSPCA in the past where we created a whole collection of festive food for furry friends with recipes you can easily change up to make them less Christmassy and more dog birthday party-appropriate.
  • Dog birthday card – Okay, we appreciate your dog might not actually be quite at reading level but writing them out one of our lovely dog birthday cards that you can put on display in your home.

Party game ideas for a dog birthday party

Time for some entertainment because no fun birthday party is complete without some fun games to play. These are some of our party game ideas for a dog birthday party that we reckon will get them all howling.

  • Talent show – Dogs can learn all sorts of fun tricks and you can show off just what you’ve managed to teach them at your dog birthday party by holding a mini talent show where all the pooches can display their amazing skills.
  • Find the treat – A bit like the cup and ball magic trick, hide some treats under some cups and switch them around. Then let the dog point to which one has the treat and if they’re correct, they get the treat – simple!
  • Agility course – Let them blow off some steam and enjoy the outdoors by setting up an agility course for them in the garden or at your local park. Then once they’ve had some time to run around, they’ll probably be a bit tired out making it the ideal time for some cuddles.
  • Pass the parcel – A slightly different version of the classic birthday party game that you might be familiar with, each dog can go crazy trying to rip off a layer of wrapping paper.

Dog birthday ideas for a party playlist

Alongside the party games, you can set the tone of your dog birthday party by turning up the speakers. Some dog-related songs you could add to your party playlist include:

  • Hound Dog – Elvis Presley
  • Puppy Love – Paul Anka
  • Who Let the Dogs Out – Baha Men
  • B-I-N-G-O (this one’s a nursery rhyme that you’ll have probably already heard of)
  • (How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window? – Patti Page

Other bits you might need for your dog birthday party

Okay, we’ve covered some of the basics but there are some other bits that you might have to go and grab before your dog birthday party including:

  • Extra dog bowls for food and water
  • Snacks and drinks for humans
  • Utensils, cups, and plates for humans
  • Invitations and stamps (if you’re planning on posting them anyway)
  • Presents for the good birthday boy or girl
  • A healthy stash of dog treats
  • Poop bags and clean-up supplies (in case of any accidents)

After reading all of these dog birthday party ideas, you should be feeling ready to throw the most pawfect dog birthday party and celebrate your furry friend. Or perhaps it’s not your dog’s birthday that’s coming up but instead, someone else who’s crazy about their pooch? Well, we’ve got birthday cards from the dog that will let them know just how much their dog loves and appreciates them.

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