DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas

DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your true love

Getting bored of the same chocolate and flowers year after year? No matter whether you count yourself as a hopeless romantic or not, everyone can appreciate the loving gesture behind taking the time to make a homemade Valentine’s gift.

Plus, if you’ve been after cheap Valentine’s gifts then making something yourself is both cost-effective and comes straight from the heart too! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing, then simply carry on reading for all of our DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your true love. And don’t forget to have fun and put all your love into it!

Charming DIY Valentine’s gifts for him

In case you’ve been finding it hard to think of what to get him this year, is there really any better present than something made by his special someone? Here are just a few ideas from us for charming DIY Valentine’s gifts for him.

Knitted scarf

Knitting isn’t just for the older folk so grab your needles, a ball of yarn in his favourite colour, and get going! If you’ve never knitted before this is also a great excuse to learn a new skill. And if there are little imperfections as you go along then there’s no need to fret as that just adds to the character of the scarf and indicates how much care and time has gone into it.

Date night raffle

Do you both struggle to decide what to do, where to go, or what to eat on date night? Well, no more we say! Grab a container or jar of some sort, different coloured paper (each correlating to a category like activity and food etc), and write your ideas down. Next time date night rolls around which is probably Valentine’s Day you can just pick something out at random and never have to waste time agreeing on something between yourselves.

Sweet DIY Valentine’s gifts for her

There’s nothing more heartfelt than surprising your girlfriend or wife with a homemade Valentine’s gift that you spent time on yourself. Not only that, but it’s also a great option for those who don’t see themselves as gift-givers because there’s just no way she can’t cherish a sweet DIY Valentine’s gift for her.

Decorated frame filled with all your fav photos

Print out all your favourite photos of the two of you and arrange them in a lovely frame. If you’ve got the time, you could even take it further and pick out a plain frame that you can decorate yourself or start from scratch. That way you can decorate it in a way you know she’ll love and for help with this you can read our blog on how to make a photo frame. Then once it’s proudly displayed in a prime spot, she can be instantly transported back to all the great memories you both share every time she looks at it.

Scented candle which reminds you of her

Practically every girl enjoys lighting a candle when having a cosy night in or a relaxing spa day at home. That’s exactly why a scented candle you made entirely by yourself makes for a fabulous DIY Valentine’s Day prezzie. Of course, you’ve probably never actually made one before but luckily, we’ve already written about how to make candles. Also, since you’re making it, you get to customise the scent so you can come up with a scent that reminds you of her – can you think of anything more adorable because we certainly can’t!

DIY Valentine’s gifts for parents and friends

Of course, not everyone will actually be celebrating the day with a special someone but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make something. There’s no reason why you can’t spread the love to those closest to you and get started with one of our DIY Valentine’s gifts for parents and friends!

Paper flower bouquet

Everyone deserves a bouquet of flowers! Whilst you could always have a nosy at some of the fresh flowers from your very own garden, why not challenge yourself to a DIY project and make your own paper flower bouquet? Depending on how confident you feel in your crafting skills, you can make many different types of flowers with this TheSpruceCrafts article going through all sorts of beautiful paper flower tutorials.

Memory scrapbook

If they’re at all sentimental then a homemade scrapbook will end up taking up a lot of their free time as they fill up the pages with all their fondest memories. You can even start them off by sticking in some cinema tickets, travel photos or written notes about your favourite moments together.

Homemade Valentine’s treat box ideas

Have none of our gift ideas taken your fancy yet? If you don’t see yourself as being a big crafter but prefer to spend your time baking or whatnot, here are some of our Valentine’s treat box ideas.

Extreme chocolate-covered strawberries

A popular Valentine’s Day sweet treat choice is chocolate-covered strawberries. Super simple yet extremely tasty and moreish, we’re afraid these probably don’t count towards one of your 5 a day but who really cares?! And if you already know that they don’t like strawberries then you can easily swap it out for another fruit like bananas, orange slices, or grapes.

Raspberry chocolate bark

Instead of buying the typical box of chocolates, try out something new and create your very own chocolate bark to add to your Valentine’s treat box. One of our ideas that we think really works with the theme is raspberry chocolate bark.

All you need to do is pick your chocolate type of chocolate (whether that’s milk, white or dark – or even a mixture), melt it down using a bain-marie, pour it into a thin tray and add your toppings, which would be some freeze-dried raspberries in this instance. Let it set in the fridge and then you’re ready to break it up into little pieces of bark.

Red velvet cookies

A spin on the beloved red velvet cake, cookies last longer and this BBC Good Food recipe for red velvet cookies is just the right balance between soft and chewy. They also last for up to five days meaning there’s no massive rush on wolfing them down!

Okie dokies, well that’s all of our suggestions regarding homemade Valentine’s gifts that will make their heart melt. Do you know what would make your present just that little bit more special? A wonderful Valentine’s Day card from thortful, of course!

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