Divorce party ideas to celebrate new beginnings

Divorce party ideas to celebrate new beginnings

When it comes to trying times in life, there are few things trickier or more stressful than a divorce. Maybe you’ve just escaped a toxic marriage, or perhaps you and your spouse have simply grown apart over the years; either way, finalising your divorce is a cause for celebration.

It might not be the first thing you think of when signing those divorce papers, but there’s something incredibly cathartic about hosting a little (or large) get-together as a way of moving on with your life.

So, once you’ve signed your freedom on that dotted line – and the inevitable tears have been shed – it’s time to start planning your party.

Whether you want a no-holds-barred night out or a quiet night in with your closest friends, break out the booze, indulge in your favourite foods, and crank up those divorce party songs to unwind with one of our favourite divorce party ideas!

Divorce party etiquette

When it comes to a divorce party, you’ve got plenty of themes to choose from. But, before we get to them, we’ve got to quickly touch on divorce party etiquette.

First things first, a divorce party should be all about celebrating you. It is not about throwing your ex under the bus or digging up all problems you’ve just spent the last few months putting behind you.

Theming your divorce party around hating on your ex is likely to bring down the mood and create a toxic atmosphere that could make other guests uncomfortable; especially if you and your ex parted on good terms. It could also offend any of the children the two of you might have if they’re old enough to join the party.

Secondly, a divorce party is not solely for women, so feel free to invite your male friends if you’re so inclined. And divorces can be just as hard on men as well, so if you’re a guy who’s found themselves newly single, then there’s no reason you can’t get together with your closest mates and celebrate with one of our suggestions.

With that out the way, it’s time to get this party started!

Popular divorce party idea

From the simple to the quirky, the following are our favourite suggestions for anyone looking to host a party after their divorce. Stick around to the end if you want to hear our ideas for divorce party games and decorations!

1. Host a non-wedding

A non-wedding is exactly what it sounds like; it’s an occasion that celebrates the exact opposite of what a wedding entails, meaning it’s time for you to get dressed up to ditch and destroy everything you have that’s associated with your wedding.

Got any mementoes you want rid of? Plan a trip to the tip. Still got your wedding dress or suit hanging in your wardrobe? Get rid of it in a satisfying manner, or if you’re into DIY, convert it into something you can wear as an everyday item of clothing.

You can then follow this cleansing up with a series of reverse ceremonial acts to untie the knot. Make commitments for how you intend to move forward and remove your ring to truly signify being single again.

And what non-wedding would be complete without a cake and non-wedding gifts? Pick whatever flavour of cake you want and encourage your friends to bring jokey or inappropriate gifts for a laugh.

2. Hold a bucket list party

We all have to compromise when we’re in a relationship, it’s what makes the best marriages last. But compromise also means passing on some things you want to do because your partner didn’t

Well, now you’re divorced there’s no reason not to dig up all those old hobbies and plans and add them to a post-divorce bucket list!

From eating at a restaurant your partner didn’t like, to watching all those movies and TV shows you’ve missed out on, now is your chance to splash out and enjoy yourself.

You also don’t have to sit at home with your friends and create this list. Get out of the house, head somewhere new, and party the day and night away; all while adding to your bucket list. You can always cross off the terrible drunk ideas in the morning.

3. Treat yourself to a spa pampering party

Pampering yourself is a guaranteed way to help you unwind and destress. Light your favourite candles, slip on your comfiest bathrobe, and start running that bath. Put on some of your favourite music as divorce party songs and turn off your phone and you’ll have a peaceful evening without any disturbances.

With that being said, you don’t have to pamper yourself on your own. Invite your friends round and turn the whole evening into a classic sleepover with snacks, drinks, and your favourite movies.

For all the steps you need to know for having an at-home spa day, be sure to read our article on how to have a spa day at home.

4. Revamp your home with a redecorating party

If you’ve always disliked the wallpaper or paint your partner chose for your home, now’s the time to get out all that decorating gear, invite your friends over, and go to town!

This can be a sensible day of perfectly redoing parts of your home in the style you love, or you can literally clear out a room and unleash your inner artist; safe in the knowledge that you’ll be painting over all of it eventually.

And if it’s going to be an all-day affair, don’t forget to order pizza and treat yourselves to cocktails throughout the day.

5. Organise a 2.0 bachelor or hen party

Self-explanatory but exciting all the same. A 2.0 bachelor or hen party is all about taking everything that made your original one great and doing it again: only this time, you’re celebrating being single!

Break out the divorce party decorations, settle on some divorce party games, and slap on the divorce party songs, all before heading out on the town for a night of wild antics that will no doubt leave you grinning or groaning with embarrassment the following day.

6. Book a rage room

It’s perfectly natural to still be angry at your ex-spouse even after you’ve finished the divorce proceedings, which is what makes a rage room so appealing.

Whether you bring your own stuff or grab a few mates and book yourself in for a stress-relieving session, take out all your anger on some easily smashable objects alongside anything from your marriage you want gone.

Of course, not everyone has access to a rage room, but with the right safety precautions, you can do the exact same thing at home!

Divorce party games

Parties mean games, and naturally, the game should fit the theme. Fortunately, divorce party games are a great opportunity to uplift the occasion, especially with these suitably single games:

  • The single pinata – grab your favourite sweets and chocolates and cram them into a big love heart or wedding ring pinata. Then get guests to whack it into oblivion as a symbolic gesture of being single again.
  • Hold a closure bonfire – if you’ve any mementoes you want to get rid of, a closure bonfire allows you to say goodbye to these and the memories they hold in a meaningful way.
  • Making mood boards – title a bunch of different boards then use your artistic side to fill them with concepts, colours, and images that match the theme for guidance in the future.
  • A divorce-theme movie marathon – alright, so it’s not technically a game, unless you lay out a set of rules that tell you when to drink. Pick a selection of movies where divorce is a key theme and sit back, relax, and have a drink or two.

Divorce party decorations and accessories

Finally, any good party needs decorations and accessories, and a divorce party is no exception. If you’re stuck for ideas on divorce party accessories, the following are sure to go down well with your guests:

  • Divorce banners that celebrate being single
  • Balloons with divorce slogans or letter balloons arranged to form words
  • Streamers and party poppers
  • Wedding decorations turned on their head
  • A vision board of everything you intend to achieve now you’re single

This is also the perfect time for guests to share light-hearted gifts as well, the kind that can make you laugh about the occasion. If you’re after ideas, be sure to browse our thortful gifts.

Divorces are tough, but it’s important to remember you’re tougher. How you choose to celebrate your divorce is up to you, just be sure that you’re celebrating it in a meaningful way that not only empowers you to move forward but also celebrates everything great about you.

And if you’re looking for other ways to take care of yourself after a divorce, we’ve plenty of other articles on the thortful blog. Why not read our blog on botanical cocktail ideas to try at home or how to feel better on bad days.