A table set up to celebrate a 15th wedding anniversary with crystal glasses.

Best crystal anniversary gifts

Like crystal, by the time you get to your 15th wedding anniversary, your love will be sparkling, well-honed, and crystal-clear to everyone who sees the two of you! And hopefully, very much unlike crystal, your marriage is unbreakable and rock-solid. Celebrate your special bond, and your long-lasting relationship, with some special crystal anniversary gifts. To make things a little easier, we’ve pulled together some suggestions for 15th wedding anniversary gifts that your sweetheart is bound to love.

Whatever gift you get, make sure you include an anniversary card, so you have somewhere to write your sweet sentiments. And check out our range of gift ideas – add one of our gifting options on to your card order and enjoy guaranteed next day delivery.

15 year anniversary gift ideas for him

We all know that men can be tricky to buy for – especially after a decade and a half of gift-giving. But that’s alright – we’re here to help, with some 15 year anniversary gift ideas for him that will help you find the perfect present to celebrate this special anniversary!

A watch

The traditional 15th wedding anniversary gift is a watch – thought to be the symbol of the time you’ve spent together, and all the time you’ll have to look forward together, too. If your guy is a watch fan, then use this anniversary as an excuse to splash out and buy him a signature timepiece – it might be pricey, but hey, you only get to do your 15th wedding anniversary once, so you might as well make the gift a good one. After all, there’s no more big anniversaries for 5 years until your 20th wedding anniversary, so you’ll have time to save up again!

Crystal glasses and a bottle of his favourite booze

Whether he loves a cool frosty bottle of his favourite beer or a sip of neat whiskey at the end of the day, find a cut crystal glass that he can use to enjoy his favourite alcohol – and don’t forget a bottle of the good stuff to go along with it. We can help with that part, too. From the award-winning James Eadie Scotch whisky to a six-pack of pale ale from Cornish brewing geniuses Firebrand, you can order your husband’s favourite booze along with a thortful anniversary card, and it will arrive with next-day delivery… just in case you need something last-minute.

A crystal glass of whiskey. Crystal and cut-glass gifts are ideal 15th wedding anniversary gifts from him.

Glass accessory box

If he has an expensive assortment of watches, cufflinks, or other accessories, a glass accessory box makes a great gift for your 15th wedding anniversary. Especially if you’re planning on buying him more watches or cufflinks for anniversaries to come…

15th wedding anniversary gifts for her

It can be hard to know what to get your wife for your 15th wedding anniversary. After all, you’ve done this 14 times already now, and your ideas might be starting to run dry! Well, we think these suggestions hit the anniversary sweet spot, but if you’re looking for more ideas make sure you check out our gift ideas here at thortful – especially useful if you realise you’ve forgotten your anniversary with only a day to go. Not that you’d ever do that. Obviously.

A smart watch

Okay, we know this is cheating a bit, because we said that a watch makes a perfect 15 year anniversary gift for a man – and that’s still true! Not to mention, it’s the traditional option for crystal anniversary present-giving… but if you’re buying a present for your wife, we think that a smart watch makes a great gift. And not just because tech is cool – but because you can get super sweet with it. Before you give your wife the watch, set up custom reminders and alarms for random days and dates, so when she least expects it she’ll get a little alert saying how much you love her, or reminding her of romantic anniversaries (think ‘today is 14 years since we first watched our favourite movie together’ or ‘it’s been 10 years since our holiday to Rome’)

Crystal jewellery

Whether she’s a fan of super-sparkly style accessories or something more understated, crystal jewellery makes (unsurprisingly) a very appropriate and pretty gift for your crystal anniversary. If your partner likes a bit of sparkle, then a gift of earrings or a necklace from somewhere like Swarovski would make a perfect option. If their tastes are a bit more subtle, then consider a more naturalistic option, like a raw crystal – that’s a semi-precious stone that hasn’t been cut and faceted to make it sparkly. You could choose her birthstone, or a stone that means a lot to her. Check out places like Crystalife for some ideas and inspiration.

A crystal bracelet in close-up focus. Crystal jewellery is a great gift option for a 15th wedding anniversary gift,

Crystal candle

Inspire some positive vibes with a crystal candle – that’s a scented candle with crystals embedded in the wax for a unique and spiritual crystal anniversary gift. If your wife is a big fan of a candle but you can’t find a crystal candle she’d like, make sure you check out our beautifully presented range of candles from Aery – beautifully-designed, naturally scented candles, available with next day delivery along with any card.

15th wedding anniversary gifts for a couple

When you’re choosing a crystal wedding anniversary gift for a couple, you need to find something that they’ll both get some genuine enjoyment from, or at least something they can both admire in their home!

Crystal vase

Everyone loves fresh flowers – and everyone needs a nice place to display them. If you’re shopping for a crystal anniversary gift for a couple, opt for a cut-glass vase – it’s obviously super appropriate for the crystal anniversary, and a great gift for any couple. Check out John Lewis for a great range of options, from small vases perfect for posies to larger open vases for big bouquets. And if you’re giving a vase as a crystal anniversary gift, you’d better make sure you have some pretty flowers to go with it – luckily, we’re here to help, with our collection of stunning blooms, all available with next-day delivery. Pick the perfect anniversary card and bunch of flowers for the happy couple!

Crystal glasses lined up against a white wall with shadows against the wall. Crystal vases and glasses like this are perfect gifts for a crystal wedding anniversary.

Champagne flutes and a bottle of fizz

It’s a classic gift for a reason: champagne glasses are perfect for a crystal anniversary gift. Waterford Crystal is one of the most famous cut-glass makers in the world, so a set of champagne glasses from them would definitely make an appropriate 15th wedding anniversary gift. Make sure you couple the flutes with a brilliant bottle of something sparkly – like our classic cuvee from Nyetimber, one of the best producers of sparkling wine here in the UK. You can order a bottle of their award-winning sparkling wine with any anniversary card, complete with next day delivery.


We hope this guide has helped you to find the perfect 15th anniversary gift for your special someone – if you’re already planning ahead, check out some more of our anniversary gift guides. And as always, for more inspiration and fun ideas, head to the thortful blog!

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