Creator Spotlight – Poppy & Mabel

If you’ve spent a little time browsing our catalogue, the chances are you’ll have seen a certain alpaca card show up at some point. It’s one of our best sellers!

But for the designer behind it, it’s just one design in a small card empire. We spoke to Poppy & Mabel’s solo superstar Rachel to find out what makes her tick.

Poppy & Mabel

Hi, I’m Rachel (the designer behind Poppy & Mabel). I’m 29 and live in London with my little chihuahua Milo. I work full time as a print designer in Fashion. 

I first started designing cards back in the lockdown of 2020 when I was made redundant from my previous job. I had a lot of time to spare and a lot of wasted creativity, so I started off with 5 Christmas cards on thortful, and from there I couldn’t have imagined how successful my brand would become!

Why did you choose to join thortful?

I first heard about thortful from a friend who recommended it to me and thought I’d enjoy it. I’ve always loved checking out cards in the shops and thought I could definitely see myself creating great designs of my own. 

After my immediate success and growth in sales, I got the designer bug and couldn’t stop thinking up new ideas everywhere I went.

What motivates you to design cards?

The biggest motivator for me when it comes to designing for thortful is not only generating amazing sales, but seeing my designs up on the homepage, in emails and even in TV ads! 

My most successful design (that has contributed to roughly a third of my 70,000 sales) is my Alpaca birthday card. Due to the popularity of this, I designed a variety of Alpaca and Llama themed cards as I knew the customers loved them!

My cards vary from celebrities, current TV trends, food, slightly ruder / adult themes, to cute animals and punny cards. I believe my success is due to having such a varied range of cards to fit any occasion and taste.

I can’t thank thortful enough for the incredible platform it has given me, particularly during such a difficult time in my career. It really gave me a new lease of life and sparked a new passion that I hope to continue forever more!