Creator Spotlight: Mungo and Shoddy

Hello Creators!

You know what 3 words come to mind when we see Mungo and Shoddy’s latest card collection? Naughty. Cheeky. Festive. The genius behind the designs is Richard Tillotson, who has been a full time greeting card publisher for the last 9 years and previously worked as a greeting card designer for Hallmark cards for 14 years. He likes yoga, has a rescue lurcher called Milo (who occasionally features on the cards,) and at age 8 appeared as an extra on the tv show Rag Dolly Anna.

We caught up about his creative process, advice to other creators and what’s next for Mungo and Shoddy.

Your Christmas collection for this year features some hilarious cards, where do you get your inspiration from and what is your creative process?

I use sketchbooks a lot. My sketchbooks aren’t neat, they’re messy melting pots for mixing up ideas. So mostly ideas come from sketchbooking and brainstorming themes, then waiting around for inspiration. A lot of it is waiting around and trying not to freak out if ideas don’t come.

Describe a typical work day behind the scenes at Mungo and Shoddy?

Pretty much the above although there are other things to do like packing cards and preparing artwork. Boring things.

What is your favourite part of being a creator?

I like it when a card is successful and connects with the audience. Obviously because you sell more but also for the validation of having made a good card.

How important is it to get your sense of humour across in your card designs? What is your process for this?

I think it is important to get your own sense of humour across as it’s part of your own style. It’s also important though to think of the sender and recipient of the card. A card won’t sell if it doesn’t somehow speak to that relationship between sender and recipient.

What are the challenges you face as an independent creator and how do you overcome them?

Thinking up new ideas in a crowded industry. I keep trying.

If you had to choose your favourite card of all time, what would it be?

I like a cheese card. This is the best cheese card I can do, I think.

How did you get into designing cards?

I did a day’s work for Hallmark in 1997 and basically didn’t leave for 15 years. It was a good education in all things greeting card!

What advice would you give to creators who are starting out?

Try to be original. Think about the sender and recipient. Think about sendability; the perfect card is one that could be sent by anyone to anyone, and yet also makes the sender think it’s perfect for one specific person.

What is next for Mungo and Shoddy?

Ooh keep designing cards until AI takes over, probably.

Team thortful