Creator Spotlight: Creators who do pretty

Hello creators! 

We’re back with another creator spotlight and this time we wanted to shine the light on the creators that do the pretty style, pretty well. From traditional to cute designs, these creators have nailed their individual styles.

We know there’s demand for pretty designs, and a huge opportunity for creators to tap into this style. While we know our customers love us for our rude and cheeky cards, we’d like to introduce some more pretty and traditional designs into our catalogue. Here are four thortful creators who have established themselves as best sellers in the pretty category. 

Kicking things off is Helen Mackay. Helen’s ultra-feminine, recognisable designs all follow a similar structure – they tend to be quite text heavy, and the design is usually focussed around the text, giving her heartfelt messages centre stage. Helen uses the same soft handwritten font, mostly pastel colours and heartfelt words to create her designs. Helen started off by designing a best seller and went on to create a visually cohesive collection that is currently mostly aimed at Mother’s Day.  Helen’s ‘Happy Birthday to a Lovely Friend’ card is her best seller, at over 11,000 sales (and counting!), demonstrating that she has mastered knowing her audience.

Next up, is Laura Darrington Designs. Laura is an award winning creator who uses patterns and textures in her designs to create a textile element. Laura’s cards are vibrant whilst remaining traditional – the kinds of cards that would be suitable for a grandmother. Laura is expertly able to select the colour palette to match the recipient and occasions, whilst still ensuring the designs are identifiable as a Laura Darrington Design card.

Lucy’s style is very traditional using a soft, spring colour palette and watercolours to create her designs. The cards feature figurines, creating a more personal and human feel, whilst remaining professional. Usually the recipient is named in the design. Lucy’s distinctive designs are hand designed yet remain perfect for print, and have a nostalgic feel to them, making our inner child very happy.

Based in West Yorkshire, Louise and her partner, Gavin make up the award winning Louise Tiler Designs Ltd. The designs all have a sophisticated and luxurious feel to them. They feature a carefully selected palette spotlighting vibrant colours. The contemporary designs are hand painted, combining patterns and prints without clashing. Louise’s cards also double up as fantastic framable prints!

We hope you enjoyed this look at some creators from the pretty category. Has it inspired you to try some pretty designs?

Team thortful