Creator Basics part 7: Our paper and printing designs

How are my designs printed and how does this affect them?

Your designs are printed on 300gsm FSC certified card. They are chlorine-free, hard metal-free, as well as being fully recyclable and biodegradable. 

As the paper is matte and uncoated, this can affect how certain colours look printed. Matte paper has a more modern appearance, reduces fingerprints and dries quickly. However, it also has a slightly duller appearance in terms of colour vibrancy.

Because the paper is recycled, it has a slightly textured appearance that can also change the colour vibrancy and give a mottled effect. For these reasons we advise against using black or very dark colours for your card’s background as this can end up looking faded.

When designing your card, you may want to factor the above and make the colours more vibrant on your document than you actually want in real life as this will be somewhat reduced when printing.

Can’t forget our envelopes

The only envelopes we use are premium grey G.F. Smith envelopes which are made from FSC certified fibres too. Our sending envelope is also embossed with our logo on the back.

This doesn’t affect your printing or design of course, but it’s interesting to know.

We hope this information helps you when you’re thinking about your next best seller!