Cheap and thoughtful wedding favour ideas that won’t break the bank

When you’re planning a wedding, you could easily blow your budget on just about every area of the big day. That’s why it’s important to save your pennies where you can – and that’s where we come in, with our list of wedding favour ideas to inspire you (and your guests!). Get your ideas flowing with our list of unusual wedding favours that will please everyone from your Auntie Edith to your best mates, and keep the budget in mind with some cheap wedding favours under £1.

When you’re planning a wedding, between the venue, the music, the flowers and the food, wedding favour ideas might be the last thing on your mind. You might even be wondering, ‘literally, what are wedding favours?’ Well, don’t worry – as ever, thortful is here to help.

What are wedding favours?

Wedding favours are small gifts given to wedding guests. Centuries ago, sugar cubes were the traditional gift, when sugar was pricey and giving it away was basically a massive flex from the happy couple. Over the years, that evolved into similarly sweet gifts like sugared almonds or even a classic mini roll of Love Hearts. Today, couples might give anything from bubbles to soap or even mini bottles of alcohol if they’re feeling generous.

Unusual wedding favours that won’t break the bank

If you’re looking for some unusual wedding favours, or cute ideas for little gifts you can give your guests, we’ve got a couple of ideas to get you started. These are some ideas that are super thoughtful and incorporate plenty of DIY tips to keep your wedding budget under control.

  • Make your own jam – This is one of those unusual wedding favours that will get people talking (and guarantee that everyone has a delicious breakfast the morning after the wedding). Collect your favourite fruits, and spend an afternoon creating a delicious batch of jam – then decant into little glass pots, and top with a cute punny tag – we’d suggest something appropriately saccharine like ‘sweeter together’.
  • Sweet honey – Not into jam? Buy honey in bulk and decant into little glass jars, with a cute bee-themed pun on a tag like ‘thanks for bee-ing here!’ If you have a local farm that makes honey, why not use the opportunity to buy local and support a business near you? It even makes the favour more personal to you as a couple.
  • Minty sweets – A little roll of mints or a bag of minty sweets with a card saying ‘we’re mint to be’.
  • Candle or wax melts – Make your own candles or wax melts with a custom scent blend – with some candle wax, fragrance oils and moulds, it’s easier (and cheaper) than you might think!
  • Succulents for green thumbs – If you’re keen gardeners (and you’ve got some serious lead time before the big day) why not plant and grow some succulents? They make super sweet and cheap wedding favours!
  • Pick n’ mix – Both bride and groom pick a selection of your favourite pick and mix sweets and make his’n’hers sweet bags for a cute injection of personality.
  • Gold foil-covered chocolate coinsThese can be glued to a little card saying ‘for richer for poorer’ and are a fun little nod to your vows!
  • Scratch card – If you’re planning on spending around a pound on your favours, then give your guests the gift of luck with a scratch card – for bonus ‘that’s a cute idea’ points, put them into envelopes and add a note playing on ‘we found our one in a million – here’s hoping you will too’ or ‘it must be fate’.
  • Sparklers – When you’re planning your wedding, you’ll undoubtedly come to love any suggestion that serves two purposes – so giving sparklers as wedding favours and then asking guests to use them for a sparkler send-off makes a lot of sense, and saves you a bit of money. And honestly, what more could you ask for from wedding favour ideas?

Cheap wedding favours under £1

Cheap doesn’t have to mean subpar – in fact, we’re very big proponents of cheap and cheerful, especially when it comes to wedding favour ideas that will please your gifts without breaking the bank. We’ve pulled together some of the best wedding favour ideas that are budget-friendly, to give you some inspiration.

Plantable personalised wedding cards

If you’re looking for wedding favours under £1, you can’t go wrong with these plantable, personalised wedding favours from Pocketfold Invites. These cards can be personalised with your names and wedding date, and come with adorable little hearts embedded with forget-me-not seeds. 100 of these cute but cheap wedding favours would cost just 80p per card, and guarantee that your guests have a lasting (and growing) memento of your happy day.  

Image credit: Pocketfold Invites

Wedding magnets

These super cute personalised wedding magnets from Secret Creation make adorable yet budget friendly wedding favour ideas, perfect for holding the next set of wedding invites on the fridge in clear view. The wooden heart can be customised with your wedding date, location and your names, making it a perfect little keepsake for your guests. 50 of these magnets would cost less than 80p per magnet – great cheap wedding favours under £1!

Image credit: Secret Creation 

Personalised mini wine bottles

Of course, the wedding guests need something to do a proper toast to the couple and these personalised mini wine bottles from LabelsWithHeart make great budget wedding favour ideas for exactly that. You can choose from a range of design options and personalise the labels with both of your names and wedding date. (Plus, they’re waterproof so don’t worry about leaving them in an ice bucket.)

Image credit: LabelsWithHeart

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