Cheap and cheerful Christmas stocking fillers for kids

Checking your stocking to see what Santa has brought you is a Christmas morning stalwart, and a time-honoured tradition for kids. While the Christmas stocking fillers in the iconic oversized sock might be less expensive than what’s waiting under the tree, your kids might end up getting just as much enjoyment from them as anything big and flashy. Here are our suggestions for some cheap and cheerful Christmas stocking fillers for kids, that won’t cost the earth, but can still bring hours of enjoyment.

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Mini party game (£4, The Toy Shop)

Mini party games were made for Christmas – the kind of classic kids’ stocking fillers that will bring plenty of laughs on the day. Try something like What’s That Smell, which challenges you to name the smell on 45 mystery scented cards – just make sure the kids don’t break this one out as you’re serving up Christmas dinner.

Image source: The Toy Shop 

Christmas tree ornaments

We know you’ve already decked the tree by the time the kids are opening presents, but this could be a sweet tradition to begin this year – as one of your little one’s Christmas stocking fillers, include a Christmas tree ornament. Eventually, they’ll have one for every year, and enough to decorate their own tree by the time they move out! Stick to a theme, like a certain colour or a dated ornament with the year. And if you want to be really cutesy, make your own Christmas tree ornaments to slip into their stocking. They’ll appreciate it when they’re older. 

Scented hand sanitiser (£3.99, Prezzybox)

It might not sound like the most exciting present, but with kids picking up colds every other week from the kids at school, it can’t be a bad thing to encourage your kids to use hand sanitiser. Make it a little bit more fun for them with scented antibacterial sanitisers featuring their favourite characters – these scented Star Wars bottles are great stocking fillers for boys (or any aspiring Jedi). And for Disney Princess fans, these Frozen hand sanitizers make perfect stocking fillers for girls, with a convenient clip in pretty rose gold.  

Image source: Prezzybox 

Suki & Friends Nail Varnish (£2.95, Rex London)

If your little one is getting into beauty and wants fabulously painted nails for Christmas, start them off with these adorable little bottles of nail varnish as Christmas stocking fillers. Each one is water-based and peelable, so they’re child friendly and non-toxic, and the cute design makes them great stocking fillers for girls.

Image source: Rex London


Christmas simply wouldn’t be Christmas without the opportunity to overindulge on chocolate. Whether you go for the classic kids’ stocking fillers like golden chocolate coins or a hollow Santa figure, there’s nothing more guaranteed to bring smiles at Christmas than chocolate. 

Zombie Blood Shower Gel (£6.99, Prezzybox)

It’s hard work getting boys excited about shower time, but you might at least crack a smile on Christmas morning with this oozing green Zombie Blood shower gel, presented in a biohazard-style fluids bag. The gross-out factor makes this a perfect stocking filler for boys.

Image source: Prezzybox


Yeah, we know, socks are traditionally the one thing you don’t want at Christmas and birthdays, but a cute pair of novelty Christmas socks make great cheap stocking fillers. Choose a fun festive pair of slipper socks, ideally with extra grip – perfect for kids that will be hurtling round with toys on Christmas morning. If your little ones are mad into football, then we’ve got a very snazzy pair of football socks that come in a card for extra novelty value!

Glider planes (95p, Rex London)

They’re not fancy or high-tech, but these flying glider planes are genuinely classic cheap stocking fillers for kids. Gliders like this have delighted generations of children – even mum and dad might have a pang of nostalgia seeing them. Just slot the wings together, and start a Christmas morning competition in the garden to see who can glide their plane the furthest.

Image source: Rex London

Make the big day even more memorable this year, with plenty of fun Christmas stocking fillers waiting to be unwrapped. If you’re looking for more inspiration for Christmas, check out our huge selection of funny Christmas cards –  and for Christmas DIYs and inspiration, check out the rest of the thortful blog.