Best stag do fancy dress themes to try

Best stag do fancy dress themes

Whether you’re helping to plan your own stag (seriously, have you even chosen a best man yet?) or taking full responsibility as best men, it’s an unwritten rule to give the groom a championship send-off into married life, surrounded by his closest mates and lashings of fun. 

There’s lots to consider: who’s invited, when you’re doing it, where you’re going to go But first, you need to sort out the stag outfits! We’ve compiled our top ten embarrassing and funny stag costume ideas that’ll keep you belly laughing all night long. So, embrace the clownishness, because that’s where the fun begins.

Dress in drag for the stag do

Image source: Last night of freedom

1. Switch it up and dress in drag 

Matted wigs, hairy legs, and fake boobs – it can only mean one thing! That’s right, we’re dressing the stag in drag. So now we’ve planted this comical thought, it’s up to you to decide which direction you take ladies night…

Think brides and bridesmaids, WAGS, Disney princesses, or literally anything that works with ‘sexy’ before it. Nothing’s off the table with this stag do theme, so show us what you’ve got. The burlier the blokes, the better.

Dress up as Snow White for the stag

Image source: Last night of freedom

2. Who’s the fairest of them all? 

There are more similarities between Snow White and the groom than you’d think. Okay, he might not share the same beauty or charm as the fair princess, but he is followed by a band of drunkards and, if all goes to plan, he’ll certainly end the night passed out. 

Tailor the stag do outfits around these fabled characters and accompany the princess through a night of turmoil as his brotherhood of dwarves. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, off to the next bar you go…

Try this stag do fancy dress theme and be a superhero

Image source: Fancy Dress

3. Be the hero nobody really needs right now 

 Kitted out like a low budget version of the Avengers, assemble and paint the town red as a selection of everyone’s favourite heroes. From spandex Superman and Del Boy’s Dark Knight to the Not-So-Incredible Hulk, lift inspiration from the colourful characters that’ve inspired franchise film makers, and make the stag a party worthy of any comic book storyline.

Try this army fancy dress for your stag do

Image source: Smiffy’s

4. Bring in the army

This stag do fancy dress theme requires you to go beyond the call of duty and dress your party as a collection of toy soldiers, as you finally let loose from Andy’s toy room. That means camo gear and green helmets, and no slacking off on the face paint!

This stag costume requires a little extra effort than some of our other suggestions, but it’s brilliant fun and makes for absolutely superb pictures, especially as the night descends into farce – so don’t be afraid to bark orders if anyone’s slowing the drinking pace down!

Stick to novelty tees on the stag do

Image source: Holiday Stag

5. Pull on a novelty tee 

The traditional stag party tee is still a favourite, and for good reason. It’s budget friendly, simple to organise, and offers endless opportunities for hilarity. 

Pick an inside joke as the core of your design (honestly, the more obscure the better) and proudly rock your uniform tees as you stroll down the strip and pick your theatre of chaos for the night. 

Don’t forget to roast your mates with embarrassing novelty nicknames on the back, too – you’ll get a whole spectrum of looks from regular punters, but that’s all part of the fun!

Revert back to a baby with this fancy dress theme

Image source: Fancy Dress

6. Embrace your infancy

If you’re going to be let loose on the town with all the self-awareness and sensibility of a baby, you might as well swap out your usual Saturday get-up for a nappy, bonnet, and bib. 

Turning out as a squad of toddlers takes quite some commitment, but, if everyone’s willing to get involved with these stag do outfits, you’ll all quickly get over the initial embarrassment and find the situation as equally iconic as everyone else thinks you’re barmy!

Try this stag do theme of prison breakers

Image source: Mega Fancy Dress

7. Prison breakers 

A play on the age-old cliché, make your stag spend his party carrying around his very own ball and chain. Head into town as a rabble of convicts, picking between old school stripes or bright orange jumpsuits as your prison wear of choice. But know, good behaviour’s not encouraged and there’ll be no leniency when it comes to downing pints…

You might be dealing with different kinds of bars to some of history’s most notorious escapees, but enjoy the taste of freedom just the same.

Dress up as Mario for the stag do

Image source: Fancy Dress

8. Mario and friends

Immediately recognisable, and equally iconic, dress your ensemble of woozy partiers as Super Mario and his cast of nippy friends.

Whether the stag dons the famous overalls as the moustachioed plumber himself, or you dress him as the forever-damsel Princess Peach, you’ll be hard pushed to run out of ideas with the whole team of wily racers to choose from with this stag costume. 

Don your funniest suits for the stag

Image source: Fancy Dress

9. Rock some seriously questionable shirts 

More of a dress code than a stag do fancy dress theme, turn heads and hit the town in your funkiest shirts or suits. Make them wacky, outrageous, or downright revolting, but ensure you dress the stag in something especially questionable. 

An instant favourite and pretty straightforward, this theme opens up a world of options and allows each of you to add a flavour of personality to the proceedings. Stick to flowers, stripes, or shapes, but definitely make it colourful.

You are what you drink fancy dress theme

Image source: Fancy Dress

10. You are what you drink

It might not be how the old saying strictly goes, but at thortful, we really do believe that you are what you drink. So, let your fancy dress truly represent the night ahead of you and make your way into town as a bumbling collection of boozy beer bottles.

Alternatively, mix things up and each come as something different from the drinks cabinet – whether it’s vodka or rum, the night is sure to be high spirited. Whatever you choose, this oversized stag costume will help you fit into any bar.

So, there you have it – one part of the stag planning ticked off, at least! With so many outrageous and hilarious stag do outfits to think about, take a moment to consider what your friends will enjoy best. Whatever you choose, you’ll be onto a winner with laughs and fun all round. For more party planning inspiration, head on over to our blog.