The best space gifts and cards for National Space Day

From dreaming of bouncing about in zero-G on the moon to stargazing in the garden at night, space is a constant inspiration to wannabe astronauts of all ages. So it’s hardly a surprise that the first Friday in May has been designated as National Space Day, a day to appreciate all things astronomical and intergalactic. In honour of said National Space Day, we’ve combed the internet to find some of the best gifts for space lovers. So whether you’ve got a budding NASA engineer under your roof, or a starry-eyed space cadet for a best friend, this is the guide for you.

Space gifts for kids

Prepare a wannabe astronaut for an out-of-this-world birthday (and prepare yourself for some really, really bad space themed puns) with our selection of the best space themed gifts for kids around.

Beginner’s telescope

You can spend some serious money on telescopes that can practically see into another universe – but if you’re looking for some great space gifts for a child who is just starting to get interested in the skies above, you can’t go wrong with a beginner’s telescope. The Science Museum has a great telescope for kids that’s perfect for giving a budding astronomist a better view of the starry skies above us.

Make your own solar system kit

Explore the solar system from the comfort of their bedroom with this make-your-own solar system mobile kit from Fred Aldous. Fun to put together and paint, it’s a classic bedroom ornament that will make sure they know the planets better than ‘the big one with the rings’ or ‘that red one’.

Image credit: Fred Aldous

Personalised book about space

Whether it’s for National Space Day or for a special birthday, these personalised books about space make perfect gifts for space lovers. If your little one is just starting to get interested in the solar system, this book from In The Book – completely personalised with their own name – is bound to captivate them for hours.

Image credit: In The Book

Space gifts for adults

It’s not just kids who get all the fun. These space gifts for adults say ‘you’re a grown-up now, and you need an industrial-strength cup of coffee to function in the morning, but you still love the magic of space, and that’s okay’.

Constellation mug

This gift from the Science Museum is perfect for stealthy science lovers. Appearing at first as a surprisingly stylish star-print mug, add a hot drink to reveal 6 of the best-known constellations. Perfect for anyone who spends their days gazing at spreadsheets when they’d rather be gazing at the stars.

Image credit: the Science Museum

Planetarium projector

As much as we’d all like to spend our nights out under the stars, gazing up into the heavens, as you get older you have to accept that your bad back/cold feet/yelling kids/busy lifestyle (delete as appropriate) just doesn’t make that possible. That’s where nifty space themed gifts from Firebox like this planetarium projector come in. Lie back in your bed, rather than on the cold grass of your garden, switch on this projector, and enjoy the beauty of the night sky.

Image source: Firebox

The NASA Archives book

If you’re looking for impressive space gifts for adults, you can’t go wrong with this incredible collection from Taschen. Known for their definitive guides, The NASA Archives is no exception – with hundreds of historic photographs, interviews and insights, this collection charts 60 years in space, and is sure to render any space lover speechless.

Image credit: Taschen

Space cards for National Space Day

Need a card to go with your out-of-this-world space gifts? Wouldn’t you know it, we’ve got just the thing. Here are some of the best space cards from our independent creators, designed with love to make your space loving friends smile.

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