Best themes for hen do fancy dress

Best hen do fancy dress themes

There’s plenty that goes into planning a hen do, but picking out your hen party outfits is well up there when it comes to key decision making (almost as important as picking your bridesmaids!) – it sets the tone for the whole occasion! We’ve looked beyond penis paraphernalia and brought you our top ten classy and funny hen do themes to give you a little outfit inspiration.

Keeping it classy

If it’s classy you’re after, we’ve got you covered. From colour matching to glitzy themes, discover our top five elegant hen fancy dress themes for an exclusive feel. 

Keep it classy with a black dress theme

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1. Black dress required

This classy little number is a firm favourite because it requires very little planning. In fact, chances are your hens will likely already have something fabulous in their wardrobe that fits the theme.

The bride steals the show in her traditional white (naturally), but it’s the job of the bridesmaids to bring a little yin to the party and turn up in something equally stunning in black. Posing together, you’ll look elegant and sophisticated and heads will turn as you strut to the bar.

Take inspiration from the honeymoon for the hen do

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2. Head out as honeymooners  

When hunting for hen party inspiration, why look to the bride’s own honeymoon plans? Whether she’s going to Mexico, Madrid, or the Maldives, style your outfits around the relevant theme of her romantic retreat. You might look a little out of place stumbling into your local in a salsa dress, but you’ll be whisked right back when you taste that first drop of sangria. A girl can dream, right?

Shimmer and glimmer with this glittery fancy dress theme

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3. Make it a glittering night to remember  

The bride’s the main gal but we reckon the bridesmaids deserve a little sparkle on the hen night, too. This glistening hen fancy dress theme is all about being extra: the more eyes you catch, the better.

Anything from sequined accessories to stunning glittering gowns, this is your time to shine. And trust us, the night-time snaps will be next level.

Embrace vintage glamour with these hen do theme

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4. Doll up in vintage glam

If the bride-to-be is a vintage queen, then delve into an era she holds dearly and immerse yourself in some classic styles for the hen party outfits. Roll back the years and put your own stamp on vintage, rocking some seriously timeless fashion pieces.

From old school 20s flapper to retro 50s, and everything in between and beyond, get lost in wardrobes of the past. With so much to unearth, the options are limitless, so you best get planning right away!

Go on safari during the hen do

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5. Sleek safari   

There are two schools of thought with a safari theme: face paint and big-eared headbands or fashionable prints and chic accessories. We’re going to go for the latter, ideal for any animal loving classy bride. 

Choose to be a little abstract and subtle by working your outfit around the shades of the savannah, or go the whole hog (sorry) and find a cute animal print dress – either way, attention’s on you and the girls tonight!

Fun for all involved

For funny hen party outfits, look no further. Our top five party-ready outfit ideas are fit for all occasions, from do-it-yourself to beachside beauty.

Get creative with anything but clothes

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6. Get creative with anything but clothes 

This theme is absolute gold for all you hens who adore crafts and DIY. Exactly what the name says it is, this hen do theme is all about using your imagination to come up with an outfit that’s striking and fabulous. 

From recycled fabrics and spare bedding to bin bag dresses and playing card frocks, there really is no limit to your creativity, so be as risqué or conservative as you like when styling your hen party fashion.

Get festival chic at the hen do

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7. Festival chic, whatever the season

 Festival season may have been pushed back a year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a little campsite chic for you or your best friend’s hen. Dig out your Glastonbury glam and hit the town with body glitter, face paint, and fabulous hair. Order a drink and enjoy all the freedom and frivolity of festival life.

One of our favourite hen do fancy dress themes is Disney princesses

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8. (Not so) Disney princesses

The bride might be looking for a perfect princess wedding day, but her hen night definitely won’t be following suit. Spice up your childhood favourite princesses and give the clean-cut Disney queens a bridal makeover. 

Party ready and dressed to impress, you might never watch Cinderella the same way again…

Try an angel and demon fancy dress

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9. Less angels, more demons

Each group has its good girls and divas, but the hen night is all about the bride. On her final night of freedom, she deserves to be overrun with devilishly bad influences. 

Whether you split the group according to personality or surround your angelic bride (complete with halo and wings) with bad-decision demons (horns and all) is up to you. No matter how you’re dressed, just make sure when you see the bride eyeing up that next vodka and coke, you’re there as the devil on her shoulder.

Pool party fancy dress theme for hen dos

Image source:  Bridesmaid World

10. Dress for the pool 

This nautical hen do theme can be styled depending on whether you’re on the streets of Manchester or the beach bars of Marbella – although we recommend you add a layer or two if you’re at the former!

If you’re heading out on a very British hen do, approach this theme with a bit of subtlety, and match your dress with a skipper’s hats and big, bold sunglasses. For those enjoying a little fun in the sun, head out after a long day by the pool in matching bridal swimwear, keeping it as classy as the bride allows. Or for something instantly recognisable, go full Baywatch – need we say more?!

With the party round the corner, it’s key to pick hen do outfits that show off your group’s style and attitude. Whether you opt for a classier affair or embrace the cringe, you’re bound to have a night worth remembering. For more inspiration ahead of the big day, head on over to our blog.

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