Best golden wedding anniversary gifts

Making it to your 50th wedding anniversary is a true achievement – we guess that’s what makes it golden. Making a marriage last for literally half a century is incredible and worthy of some serious celebrations!

Every marriage will have weathered bad days and good times, but only the special couples who are willing to put the work in can celebrate such a milestone.

Whether you’re celebrating your own incredible 50th wedding anniversary or looking for golden anniversary gift ideas for parents or grandparents, we’ve put together some gleaming suggestions for such a special occasion – after fifty years, it’s certainly well deserved!

What is 50th wedding anniversary called?

A 50th wedding anniversary is known as the “golden anniversary”, so it’s not surprising that the traditional gift for reaching this milestone is gold. For 50 years of marriage, gold represents health and success. Spending 50 years together shows real love, strength, and commitment.

Thus, it is traditional for couples to exchange gold-themed gifts. To help you know what to get your loved one for their golden wedding anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite 50th wedding anniversary gifts.

What to look for when buying golden wedding anniversary gifts

As much as it’s called a golden wedding anniversary, the point is to celebrate a love that’s as precious and long-lasting as gold – not necessarily to present the happy couple with exorbitantly expensive solid gold gifts.

There are plenty of special ideas for 50th wedding anniversary gifts out there that don’t require you to empty out your wallet – and we at thortful (unsurprisingly enough) think that putting a little bit of thoughtfulness and creativity into gifting makes it even more special.

Golden wedding anniversary gifts for your wife

The classic gift for your wife on your golden wedding anniversary would be a piece of golden jewellery – you won’t struggle to find a beautiful ring, necklace, or set of earrings in gold, that’s for sure! But if you want to give her something a little more unique for your 50th wedding anniversary, then we have you covered with our golden wedding anniversary gifts for her below:

Engraved pendant necklace

If you’re looking for something a little bit more special, or just a little bit different, why not present your love with a personalised piece of jewellery?

We like this custom-engraved pendant necklace from Merci Maman, which can bear a personalised message but isn’t ostentatious or showy. The perfect golden wedding anniversary gift for any wife that is understated but classy.

Image source: Merci Maman

Golden-themed flower

If your one true love isn’t really a jewellery person – or, let’s be honest, if you’ve already purchased her plenty of jewellery over the fifty years that you’ve been together – there are lots of other 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas out there.

If your wife is a keen gardener, why not surprise her with a golden-themed flower that can be planted in your garden? After all, the traditional flower given as a golden wedding anniversary gift is the yellow rose – so skip the bouquet and present her with an entire rose bush. There’s even a specific breed of roses called Golden Anniversary! Then, not only do you have the joy of giving a lovely gift, but you and your partner can enjoy the roses as they bloom again and again – just like your love.

Image credit: David Austin Roses

Golden wedding anniversary gifts for husband

For the golden gentleman in your life, there are plenty of smart 50th wedding anniversary gifts for him. From suave accessories and heartfelt, personalised gifts to adrenaline-inducing gift experiences. Explore our golden wedding anniversary gifts for husbands below:

Golden cufflinks

How about a beautiful pair of golden cufflinks, for your special occasion together – and make it even more special with a personalised pair that are unique to him. Go for an engraved set in a good karat that’s understated but smart.

These are the perfect alternative to a piece of jewellery for him and, luckily, gold cufflinks don’t have to be big or blingy – there’s a whole range of price tags out there when it comes to golden wedding anniversary gifts for him.

Image source: Hurleyburley Man

An experience gift

Looking for something a little bit different for your golden anniversary gift? Why not give him the golden wedding anniversary gift of an amazing experience, and a chance to make even more happy memories.

There are loads of incredible experience days available – like a classic car driving experience or even the unforgettable chance to soar through the skies with a flying lesson!



A golden sundial

If he’s not into cufflinks or classic cars, opt for something a little less flashy with a golden sundial. And, to make it extra special and to earn some additional brownie points, why not get it engraved? You could have your initials, your wedding date or a special message written on it.

A great golden anniversary gift for couples

Image source: The Metal Foundry

Golden wedding anniversary gifts for a couple

If you know a wonderful couple who have been together for 50 years, you’ll want to get them a unique 50th wedding anniversary gift to mark such a special occasion, especially if it’s your parents or grandparents who are celebrating!

Custom engraved champagne glasses

One lovely idea for a couple’s golden wedding anniversary gift is something they can use together – like a pair of custom engraved champagne glasses, along with their favourite bottle of bubbly.

This is a great 50th anniversary gift that will allow them to properly toast 50 years together on their golden wedding anniversary.

Image source: Getting Personal

Commission a drawing

Lots of lovely ideas for memorable 50th wedding anniversary gifts are all about getting personal. One excellent golden wedding anniversary gift option is to commission an illustrator to create a drawing of the couple on their wedding day, or a sketch of the church where they married. We love this one from Etsy, which is done in a fun and quirky cartoon style.

Image source: Etsy

Couple gift experience

You can’t go wrong with a romantic gift experience for two on their 50th wedding anniversary. There’s nothing better than spending quality time together doing something they both enjoy – even after 50 years of putting up with each other. There are plenty of golden wedding anniversary gift experiences to choose from – think afternoon tea for two, a romantic spa day or a weekend break in a hotel.

50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

They’re likely one of the most precious couples in your life, so it’s essential that you celebrate their love properly. And what better way to do that than with a thoughtful gift that will be a hit with both of them? If you’re struggling to think of a 50th wedding anniversary gift for your parents, take a look at our suggestions below:

Gold leaf vase

Sticking with the gold theme and ticking all the boxes for 50th wedding anniversary gifts for parents, this gold leaf vase is a stunning vessel for them to keep bouquets of flowers. They can sit it pride of place on their windowsill for them to both enjoy. But don’t forget the all-important flowers to accompany it!

Image source: Engrave it Now

Cherry tree

If your parents prefer plants to flowers, why not invest in a cherry tree for their 50th wedding anniversary. While it’s not exactly spot on the golden theme, it’s a lovely gift that they can see grow – just like their blossoming and long-lasting love for each other.

Image source: The Present Tree

Golden personalised paperweight

If you want to go truly traditional for your parents’ golden wedding anniversary gift, then a golden paperweight makes for an ideal and simple option. Bang on theme and incredibly practical, this is a 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents that both will appreciate.

Image source: Farrar-Tanner

Golden wedding anniversary cards

Armed with this list of the very best golden wedding anniversary gifts, you should have no problems picking the perfect present to make them smile. Whether it’s your other half, your friends, or your parents, we have plenty of ideas when it comes to 50th wedding anniversary gifts that will have a big impact. But no present is complete without a card to accompany it…

Of course, it’s the thought that counts, and the celebration of a beautiful love that’s lasted for so many happy years. So, compose a heartfelt message, and couple that thoughtful 50th wedding anniversary gift with a classy card from our fantastic selection of golden wedding anniversary cards.

And if you’re celebrating a couple who love a good laugh, there are plenty of funny wedding anniversary cards that will bring a smile to their faces! Either way, we’ve got you covered – and if you’re looking for some more gift idea inspiration, then check out the rest of our blog