Inspiration for newborn baby girl gifts

Best gifts for a newborn baby girl

A newborn baby girl! Is there a lovelier thing in the whole world? It’s such an exciting time, but picking out baby girl gifts that really strike a chord can sometimes be a little bit tricky. 

In this article, we’ll run through some of the cutest, sweetest, most popular and quite frankly adorable items that people choose when welcoming a new baby girl into the world, and we’ll explore personalisation options as well as looking at newborn baby girl gifts and cards to suit all budgets.

Treat the little one to a luxurious hamper

Image source: RegencyHampers

What are the most popular baby girl gifts?

Gift buying is a personal thing, and everyone has their own approach to it. Maybe you’re the sort of person who likes to choose something a bit kooky or unusual, or even create a handmade gift that will delight a newborn baby girl and her parents? But many of us opt for the quality and convenience of grabbing something brand new to welcome a new baby, and when it comes to buying for newborn baby girls, the following types of gifts tend to be the most popular.

The Baby GUND collection features some gorgeous soft toys that are perfect for tiny hands to cling to, like this irresistible little owl!

Image source: Gund

Soft toys

It is not uncommon for people to keep the soft toys they are bought as babies for their entire lives, so well-chosen cuddlies and plush toys can make wonderfully special baby girl gifts.

High-quality soft toys needn’t break the bank either, with best-selling items like plush, super-soft cuddly bunnies and bears available in the £10-£20 price bracket.

If you’re up for spending a bit more than that, you can find soft toys as part of hampers, especially tailored to welcome newborn baby girls, featuring cuddly friends alongside flowers and useful bathroom products for parent and baby.

These crochet baby booties from Tilly and Reuben are super cute as well as super affordable.

Image source: Tilly and Reuben

Clothing and linen

Get everyone cooing like crazy with tiny babygrows, booties and hats, all of which are a surefire hit with new parents and a great choice if you want to buy something useful and attractive for a newborn baby girl.

Look for clothing made of certified organic cotton that follows strict environmental standards. This will ensure that your baby girl gifts pose no danger whatsoever.

This wedge changing mat is super comfy

Image source: Kidly

Practical items

Newborns are exhausting, and your friends or family members will be tired and in need of a helping hand as they welcome their precious cargo into the world. You can give them a boost by buying a gift they will find useful every day.

Designer changing mats, bibs, and swaddle blankets can make wonderfully unique baby girl gifts that give parents a real pick-me-up, and you can even find items like baby car seat covers made of stretchy, designer fabric for the parents who have everything.

As with clothing and linen, look out for quality and safety marks that indicate the products you buy have been adequately tested before being put on sale. For example, some practical items such as teething sets for newborn babies use food grade paint to ensure they are safe for little ones to play with.

You could purchase an adorable persaonlised babygro

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Personalised gifts for baby girl

Personalised gifts for baby girl arrival celebrations always impress, and if you want to buy something that baby and parents will treasure forever, then personalisation is a winner. You could get an item of baby clothing personalised, with the printing or embroidering of initials or names on t-shirts and babygrows often available at surprisingly affordable prices. At the more luxurious end, you could choose a product such as an ivory cashmere blanket and have the newborn baby girl’s initials embroidered in silver.

Other personalised gift options for newborn baby girls include crockery, baby furniture, and even wallpaper!

Cards for a newborn baby girl

Presents are great and all, but parents of newborn babies are often overwhelmed by a heap of goodies. Fortunately, you can often say so much more with a thoughtfully written card. 

You can find greetings cards for a newborn baby girl in a range of styles to help you strike a chord with the parents who will receive and read it. From simple yet effective floral and illustrated designs, to cards bearing eloquent and heart-rending poems, to those that guarantee a laugh-out-loud moment with their comical captions, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits what you’re looking for.

Explore the range of newborn baby cards at Thortful and you just might find that picking out the right card helps to inspire your choice of gift. Alternatively, for more gift guide inspiration, check out our blog.