Engagement gift guide

Best engagement gift ideas

If a happy couple close to you has just announced their engagement, you’re likely sat pondering over what to get them alongside their engagement card. With so many options out there to choose from, it can be hard to make a final decision. After all, every recipient has different tastes, and you need to meet both of their needs to create smiles all around. 

Thankfully, we’ve thought up a range of exciting engagement gifts that will help the happy two celebrate in the moment, and forever after. So, here’s our carefully considered list of engagement present ideas for the loved-up couple in question.

Wrapping up your engagement gift

Engagement gifts

If there’s a couple in your life who have just announced their engagement, you’re likely scrambling around to get a present for them as soon as possible. Because you’ll want to celebrate the moment with them while it’s still a hot topic. It’s not unlikely to be racking your brains for show stopping, thoughtful engagement gift ideas. So, extend this happy moment by purchasing one of these impressive engagement gifts. You’ll be receiving your wedding invite in no time…

Engagement gifts for couples

Engagement gifts for couples

Help the dynamic duo in your life celebrate this milestone occasion with engagement gifts they’ll treasure forever. You’ll be amazed when you discover the host of gift options available that you can send along with a card. So, make their day with one of these cracking presents.

A custom print

Nothing says you care like a custom print with the couples’ name and engagement date. You can choose to either get a drawing of the couple (based on a photo they have together) or go for something a little more abstract, like a detailed love heart or a map showcasing the special location they said “yes” in! Frame it, wrap it and take it to their door and watch their faces fill with joy as they receive this super sentimental gift.  

Make an engagement hamper

A cracking hamper

Engagement gifts for couples don’t necessarily need to be long lasting ones, in which case – present them with an edible gift that they can savour in the moment. You’re going to please all parties if you gift a hamper jam-packed with yummy goodies.

Think about their favourite things and add them to the mix. Chocolate truffles, a bottle of bubbly and bags of their favourite sweets will do the trick, but there’s plenty more you can add. Just get your thinking cap on! Then again, since you’ll know the couple inside out, it’ll be easy for you to hand-select a range of interesting items that they’ll love. You could even order a pre-prepared bundle online if you’re not up to the challenge of hand-selecting everything yourself.

Engagement gifts for best friends

The moment they’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. And as the honorary best friend, you’ll need to think up some engagement ideas that mean something to you both, while celebrating their other half of course…

Flowers are the perfect engagement gift

A beautiful bunch of flowers

Nothing will brighten their day like a bunch of flowers, and if your best friend just loves a flower delivery, why not get them something you know they’ll 100% love? Yes, it’s a more traditional gift choice, but that doesn’t mean you should steer clear of sending some their way!

Want to change things up a little to celebrate this unique occasion? Opt for a blissful bunch of sunflowers to really brighten their day. Who knows, you might even give them flower inspiration for their wedding day…

Engagement gifts for sons

Engagement gift ideas for your son

Perhaps your son has just popped the question, and you’re hoping to buy him something to really remember it by. He’s all grown up now, so don’t be embarrassing him with old baby-inspired presents. 

Throwing an engagement party

Throw him an engagement party

If your son loves a good party, you might as well throw him a brilliant bash to celebrate this monumental occasion. There’s no better present than an organised event because it takes the stress away from the couple planning it themselves.

Just check when he and his partner are free and build a guest list, book a venue and buy in a whole load of food and drinks for everyone to enjoy. You can all raise a glass and cheers to them on this exciting new chapter in their lives, and set off a few party poppers at the same time…

Engagement gift ideas for your daughter

There’s no better moment than hearing your daughter is happily engaged to her partner. Plenty of engagement present ideas will be running through your head, so we’ve helped you whittle down those options to make things a little easier.  

A countdown chalkboard

Since she’ll soon be counting down the days until the wedding day, a countdown chalkboard will act as a great engagement gift. She can pop it on her kitchen worktop or hang it on the bedroom wall, and can begin the countdown, by writing the likes of “365 days until our wedding” on it. This adds an extra element of excitement to her already wonderful wedding plans. And, with lots to organise, she’ll also have a playful present to keep her plans in check!

Signature ring dish

A personalised ring dish

Since your daughter now has a sparkly new ring to show off to the world, she’ll need to keep it safe when it’s not resting on her finger. And what could be a better engagement present than a practical one, that’s personalised as well?

She can sit this item on her dressing room table and place her ring on it before jumping in the shower, or hitting the sheets. You can find plenty of these decorative dishes online, and send it off with her and her partner’s initials embossed on the front.

Let the present buying commence…

Help them celebrate one of the most important occasions with a heartfelt gift to remember it by. And this can’t be complete without an amazing engagement card to match, whether you want to make them belly laugh or get soppy and show them how happy you are for the two of them.

For more handy lifestyle guides, how-tos and gifting inspiration, check out the thortful blog. And if you’re looking for some prime presents, check out our full range of engagement gifts when you’re buying their card.