Boxsets that have stood the test of time

It’s one of the true joys of the modern age: there’s nothing like curling up with a good boxset. No waiting a week for the next episode, no mid-season breaks – just the tempting lure of ‘oh, go on, just one more episode before bed…’ But which boxsets have truly stood the test of time? 

And the results? Well, no one told us life was gonna be this way – or that Friends would be the best-rated boxset, a huge 27 years after it first premiered in 1994, but here we are! The top four are the same on both sides of the pond, and all four series are US-made. They’re a bit edgier than the feel-good fluff of Friends, though – positions two through four go to classic anti-hero tales Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, and Dexter. 

Whether you want to relive a feel-good classic like The Office or Friends, or catch up on critically-acclaimed series like Breaking Bad or the Sopranos, check out our list of the boxsets that stood the test of time, and pick out your next binge-worthy watch. 

Most popular boxsets in the UK
Most popular US boxsets



To get the final list of boxsets, thortful carried out desk research to find the most popular boxsets prior to 2010*. Using IMdB data (ratings, rankings, reviews etc), search volumes and trends data, they then created a weighted index.

*Any boxsets released after 2010 were omitted from the list.