Having a baby, especially for the first time, is a huge deal for any new parents, and one of the loveliest rituals as part of pregnancy is hosting a baby shower. When attending a baby shower, it is customary to bring a gift that will help the new parents out with their baby, either something practical they can use, or at least funny baby shower gifts that will make them laugh! 

We have compiled a list of the different types of gifts you can bring along for your friends or family who are hosting a baby shower, from cheap gifts to practical presents and funny baby shower gifts that go perfectly with one of our funny new baby cards. Here are our top picks – go ahead and find some inspiration from our ideas!

Baby shower gift ideas

It can be a little difficult to come up with ideas of what gift to bring along to a baby shower, especially if you’ve never had a baby yourself or you don’t know the new parents very well. Well, we’ve got a definitive list of great gift ideas you can pick from, especially if you’re a little strapped for cash but don’t want to show up empty handed, or you really want to make sure you’re giving a gift that won’t get chucked in a cupboard until the next clearout. 

Practical baby shower presents

New babies require a whole host of equipment to keep them alive, clean and happy, and no one knows this better than their new parents! You may begin to see the panic creep into their eyes at the thought of everything they have to buy for their beloved bundle of joy (we’re picturing Rachel Green from Friends at her baby shower, panicking about why she needs a diaper bin). If you want to give them a gift that will help alleviate their panic, try one of these:

  1. Bedside bassinet – Co-sleeping isn’t recommended for newborns, but having your baby next to the bed in a bassinet can make disturbed nights a lot easier.
  2. Bibs and bottles – Feeding is one of the main things newborns do, so having an abundance of soft bibs and sterilised bottles is necessary for new parents. 
  3. Professional prepared meals – Volunteer to bring over some home-cooked meals when the baby arrives, or sign them up for a meal prep service. It might mean you don’t have a prettily wrapped gift at the party, but the new parents will be thanking you endlessly when they don’t feel like cooking after weeks of sleepless nights.

Cheap baby shower gifts

Whether you’re not keen to spend lots of money on new parents you don’t know super well, or you’re just a little strapped for cash but still want to show your support to the new parents, getting a cheap baby shower gift will make sure you’re not the only sour plum at the party! Here are our top picks:

  1. Nappies – Nappies are a key essential for any new baby, so turning up with an extra pack of nappies will definitely not be seen as a poop present. There are tons of ideas out there on cute ways to present nappies, too – how about a tiered ‘cake’ wrapped in ribbon? 
  2. Baby books  – Children’s books, particularly baby books with bright colours and textures can be expensive when bought new, so buying a few from a second hand book store or charity shop makes for a cheap but thoughtful gift. 
  3. Bodysuits – Babies will go through at least 4 clothing changes a day, sometimes more depending on what they’ve eaten, so having extra bodysuits and vests will always be a good gift, and you can get some really sweet and inexpensive options from your local supermarket. 

Funny baby shower gifts

  1. Novelty dummies – Who doesn’t get a giggle from seeing a baby with a moustache? Novelty dummies are a lighthearted gift that will please new parents, although make sure they’re planning on using dummies before buying!
  2. Novelty bibs/bodysuits – Whether you opt for ‘As handsome as my auntie/uncle’ or just get them a vest to match their parent’s favourite team, novelty clothing can be a fun way to get them something practical that will also give the new parents a laugh too. 
  3. Nappy-changing decision coin – This is definitely a small novelty gift to go along with another gift (like nappies) but a nappy-changing coin can give the new parents a laugh and also help take some fraughtness out of the newborn frenzy!

Baby shower gifts for mum

Even though a lot of baby shower gifts focus on the needs of the new arrival, it is just as important to make sure the new mum receives some nice gifts too, because she’s going to have a really hard time over the first few months! Here are some sweet gifts you can give the mum-to-be to ensure her life is a little easier post-partum:

  1. Luxury body beauty set – There won’t be much time for TLC during the first few weeks, but whenever Mum can get the chance she’ll appreciate having a nice moisturiser to hand. Add a luxury candle, or maybe a bottle of alcohol-free spirit to this gift to give them a proper pamper session at home.
  2. Adult nappies and post-partum liners – Definitely not the most glamorous present you can give, but one that will certainly prove to be practical in the post-partum weeks. You can also add on some flowers to lighten the mood a little!
  3. Hair and nail appointment – Book your friend/relative in for a luxurious hair and manicure appointment a few weeks after the birth, so she can have a break and feel like normal again. 

Eco-conscious baby shower presents

If you’d like to make sure your gift doesn’t have a negative impact on the planet, here are some of our top picks for eco-conscious baby shower presents you can give to the new parents:

  1. Reusable cloth nappies and sterilising station – one of the worst environmental impacts of new baby products is nappies and wipes, so getting your friends.relatives reusable nappies and sterilising station to wash them in helps massively with this environmental effort. 
  2. Glass feeding bottles – plastic feeding bottles are pretty bad for the environment, and can’t be used for more than a couple of years without needing to be thrown away, so glass bottles are a great eco-friendly alternative.
  3. Reusable baby food pouches – although not usable for a few months after the baby is born, these reusable food pouches mean that the new parents can make their own baby food and store it themselves, then reuse the pouches for the next week.

Hopefully you’ve now got a much better idea of what you’ll get for the next baby shower you are attending, and if you’re new parents looking for ideas for your baby registry, you know what you need! You can grab one of our new baby cards to your gift to include some sweet messages with your gift, and if you’re looking for more lifestyle tips, check out our blog for more inspiration and fun.