Don’t get ghosted – avoid a dating horror story this Halloween

We all know that dating can be a nightmare at times – and it’s scarier than ever in this modern age of dating apps, especially with the haunting threat of being ghosted.

Although it sounds like a Halloween nightmare, ghosting is the term for that awful experience when someone you’ve been talking to suddenly (or gradually) stops replying to your messages, and fades out of your life – just like a ghost.

During the spookiest time of year, you definitely want to protect yourself from anything ghostly – but who are the people most likely to ghost you? Read on to discover which professions are most likely to leave you on read, and where in the UK these professional poltergeists live.

As the Ghostbusters so memorably asked us, who you gonna call? Well, according to our research, you’re probably better off not calling any Isabellas or Daniels, because they’re statistically more likely to ghost you. However, anyone called Emily or Harry is a little bit more reliable – they’re the least likely to abandon a conversation or relationship. And anyone feeling stung over being ghosted can delight in some karmic justice – Mia is the third most likely girl to vanish on you, but one of the most likely to be ghosted.

Our research also told us that emergency service workers are most likely to ghost you – maybe it’s their stressful jobs and hectic shifts that make them more likely to just slip out of a conversation if it’s not working out? Lawyers come second, which is a little surprising – you’d think they’d like to wrap up a conversation with some dramatic closing statements, instead of just slipping away.

When it comes to ghosting, turns out London must be full of haunted houses. The capital might be full of spooky apparitions like Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd, but it’s also the worst place in the UK for people cutting off communication with no warning. Coming next on the list is Belfast and Edinburgh – showing that ghosting is a national crisis across the UK.

Now you know who’s most likely to ghost you, consider yourself warned – save yourself from dating demons and romantic wraiths, and spend your Halloween among the living instead.

*Survey was undertaken in September 2020 by TLF with 2,000 UK respondents.