If you hadn’t already realised by the sheer number of cards and gifts you end up having to buy around this time, there’s a whole load of birthdays between September and early October.

This September we brought out our BIG birthday energy to celebrate some of our brilliant customers’ birthdays – live and in person! What better way to say ‘happy birthday’ than by making a big song and dance about someone? 

Team thortful headed over to a famous landmark in London – Potters Field Park by Tower Bridge,  on Thursday 21st of September. 

To find the wonderful people to celebrate, thortful customers were asked to nominate a friend or family member. From there, we randomly selected six surprise guests who joined us for a massive celebration of them.

On arrival, the marching band appeared out of nowhere and instantly started playing birthday jingles while the birthday recipient had their face put on a big screen.

Ribbon dancers followed closely behind bringing a real show with them.

Throughout the day there were gorilla suits, free cards and the most surprising celebration of the year. We hope our celebrated guests had the most incredible birthday yet!