8 Cards that kids today won’t understand

It’s all fun and games until you make a hilarious joke referencing something that happened in the 90s to a young person, and they give you a blank stare. Or even worse, a polite smile. We’ve rounded up 8 cards that the youth of today just won’t understand, and it’s their loss, frankly. Get off our lawn!

Be kind, rewind. Or just play Side B. We maintain that giving someone a mixtape is much cooler than sharing a playlist.

An then she remembered that she was no longer nineteen... and her hangovers lasted three days

The Walking Dead is a television programme created by US television channel AMC.

Let’s not risk missing the last train. It’s at 1am, but still.

One minute you're young and cool... the next you're excited by new dish sponges. There's no in-between!

To be fair, we’re also excited by Victoria sponges.

The only logical conclusion is that making plans is bad for your back.

If you remember taking this with you on a night out, then it's probably time to invest in a good eye cream

They actually make these with phones in them now!

Critically, this card doesn’t specify which morning.

Nobody else really knows what they're doing either

It’s true, this whole blog post is being written by a dog.

If that hasn’t left you feeling… ok let’s not say old, let’s say… experienced, then thinking about the number of candles on your friend’s birthday cake might. Still you can always take the edge off by giving them a hilarious birthday card from us.