Jeffrey and Janice: Life in plastic, it's fantastic.

5 Times Jeffrey & Janice Told It Like It Is

Have you ever had a scroll through our cards? It’s much more soothing than Instagram. When you do, you’ll probably see at least one card designed by Jeffrey & Janice. Easily recognisable by the photographed dolls, whose official names we can’t refer to for copyright reasons, these humorous (and often pretty rude) cards capture some uncomfortably hilarious home truths.

We thought we’d share our top five Jeffrey & Janice designs that have tickled us over the years.

The only thing standing between her and the perfect day was other people
We’re not hermits, we just have a low tolerance for humanity. That’s all.
While she could still party like a total legend, it would appear she couldn't quite recover like one.
When you’re eating your second bacon roll of the morning we find it’s best to announce ‘It’s just the tiredness really, I’m not even that hungover.’
She loved him, but when she heard him chew she fantasised about his death
It’s perfectly normal and healthy to wear earplugs for dinner, right?
She needed a moisturiser that could hide the fact that she'd been tired since 1999.
If anyone knows whether anything like this exists, please let us know.
At this point our inbox is seeing at all the reset password emails and judging us, heavily.
Thea Musselwhite of Jeffrey & Janice

About the Creator

Jeffrey & Janice is the creation of Thea, who describes her collection as ‘young at heart, older in other places’. Thea tells us she’s colllected dolls and toys her whole life, and has a pretty rude and childish sense of humour, so for her, combining the two just made sense! She got into making cards when thortful began, and it’s gone brilliantly ever since. 

A lot of the items you’ll see featured in her cards are actually things she had when she was six years old. She also makes a lot of her props if she can’t find what she needs, and all of her cards are designed in her Somerset studio. Fancy a cheeky Jeffrey & Janice card for your next occasion? Get one for someone who’ll love it.