2022 – The Year in Cards

2022! Phew! It does seem like it’s been a busy year, not least of all because we spent the previous two largely indoors.

There’s been ups, downs, comebacks and victories – starting the year with another new COVID variant, and ending with another new Prime Minister. 

We thought we’d take the time to reflect and look back at the year. But we’re going to do it with cards, because… we’re a card company. 


Have a cracking birthday card

Our best selling card for January. Start as you mean to go on, that’s what we say.


World Valentines Card

We lost plenty of time to Wordle but it stole many hearts on Valentine’s Day.


Will Smith birthday card

March was a real slap in the face… at least it was for Chris Rock.


Have a fabulous birthday card

One of April’s top sellers was this beautiful birthday card by creator Louise Tiler.


Stranger things birthday card

Things got strange in May with the release of Stranger Things season four. We still can’t believe the final episode when… Ok, no spoilers.


Lurpak birthday card

We Can’t Believe It’s Got This Expensive To Buy Butter.


Davide birthday card

July is the month of Villas and Villains! Love Island still gives us something to look forward to year after year. It’s a guilty pleasure, we know.


Rude birthday card

Hey, don’t blame us, it was you lot that bought it. We just liked the colour scheme.


Phil and Holly Birthday Card

September was a month of change and reflection for the country. Our card creators queued up to design cards around the stranger happenings in the news.


Lettuce Liz Truss birthday card

October was the month that Liz Truss’s premiership was outlasted by a lettuce. But where is the lettuce now? We can only assume it’s working on a memoir.


Air fryer birthday card

As the year comes to an end it’s important to remember all the milestones – like the excitement over the kitchen appliances and cleaning supplies you’ve bought. Face it, you’re old now.


Crocs Christmas Card

Have Crocs made a comeback? It seems so – we’ve seen loads of Croc cards come in this year!

Coming in 2023

What will 2023 bring in terms of cards? Vote now! By… er… buying some cards. From us.

Have a lovely New Year’s celebration and we’ll see you bright and early in January!

Team thortful