The Thortle Awards 2023

It’s awards season! Whether you’re still reeling from the Grammys, holding your breath for the Oscars, or just really really preparing in advance for the Emmys, everyone is getting excited for awards. And we here in team thortful are no different. 

To celebrate surviving thriving through Valentine’s Day we hosted our very own Thortle Awards! 

Hosted by Sam and Georgie from HR, votes were collected in many prestigious categories, such as Best Mischief Makers and Best Juggling.

Each winner was presented with the glorious, unique and hand-made thortle award courtesy of Eric. In a few year’s time there’s a good chance these will be worth… about the same as they are now.

Best Selling Gift

The gifting team and the COCO Chocolate Card had this one sewn up, really.

Best Forward Planning

When it comes to planning, CRM are the DRM TM.

Best Platform

Despite a late attempt from another colleague involving tall shoes, the tech team took this one home.

Best Juggling

Despite a late attempt from another colleague involving three oranges, our product team got the award for handling everything at once.

Top Dollar

The finance team clinched this award, a victory marred slightly by accusations of bribery.

Best Attitude to Panic

After passing a doping test, the card content team proved that they really are just chill in the face of mayhem.

Most Productive Day

The customer happiness team ticked this and many other items off their to-do list.

Best Mischief Makers

The partnerships team, together with some partners in crime, took home this award for making our office a lot more fun over the Valentine’s period.

Best Adaptability

The creative team found creative ways around every challenge thrown in their direction.

Fastest Card Printer

Rumour has it that Elly from the operations team competes in semi-legal underground card printing tournaments. Needless to say, she was the only one truly in the running for this award.

Best Under Pressure

It’s true that pressure makes diamonds, so the obvious choice for this award was Komal: jewel of the performance advertising team.

Best Newcomers

Becky and Muna joined at the tail end of the Valentine’s season but have already been something of a wonder. Specifically: wondering what they’ve got themselves into.

For legal reasons (embarrassment) we are unable to show photos from the afterparty.