The 2024 Thortle Awards

Charismatic, tuxedoed hosts. Dodgy jokes. Nope, it’s not the Oscars – it’s the Thorties!

The 2nd Annual thortful awards evening kicked off, and we had some phenomenal winners (and gracious losers.)

Congratulations to team thortful for making Q1 2024 bloody fantastic. It’s awards season! And here at thortful we jumped into the excitement by hosting our second annual thortle awards. 

Without further ado, our winners…

Best Solo Performance

Very much like Kevin Macalister this nominee’s (thortful) family left her home alone to build a complex mix of automations and adapt and make changes before her Mother returned Mother’s (day) returned. She is a champion of the people, the winner is Aleesha of the CRM Team!

Best Performance (On Screen)

‘Prolific’ is how one critic described her. ‘Can’t Sing, can’t skate, can perform’ another. In recognition of her performances in The Ikea Heist, Street Dance and Gloria’s Vinyard amongst many others the award for best performance goes to Maria of the Performance Team!

Best Cultural Feature

This person brings people together like flies round a poo, sprinkling glitter on your worklife experience, welding the team together and building an environment where everyone can thrive with initiatives like breathwork, valentine’s dress ups, sound baths and a perfectly timed brownie drop. The winner is… Georgie of the People Team

Most Satisfied Customers

This award goes to the person that’s satisfied the most customers this quarter!

With high satisfaction across email and phone the winner is Lucy from the Customer Happiness Team!

Best Production

This Juggling Juggernaut solved more problems than Boris Johnsons’ PR team.  The nominee is someone who tackles any operational hiccup with ingenuity and resource. And like Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Clark Kent, Appropriately she has a name like a superhero. This award goes to Elly of the Operations Team!

Most Resilient

For this nominee time is a social construct. They work tirelessly day and night to keep everything running smoothly whilst at the same time advancing thortful’s capabilities.  Ploughing through data, to get a complete understanding of how it works and documenting it for future generations.  Congratulations to Andrew of the Platform Team!

Best Action Feature 

This nominee has shown outstanding drive and enthusiasm to make the life blood of thortful; the catalogue, the best it can be. This award goes to Anna of the Card Content Team!

Best Picture 

This multifaceted nominee could have taken home a number of awards, best original sound track, best costume, best visual effects. Their passion for thortful shows in their pride for their work.  So for their work on ‘Flowers II: The Rebrand’ the award for best picture goes to Tasha of the Design Team!

(Accepted by Louis on behalf of Tasha)

Insightful Instigator Award
Given to the person who can extract profound insights from even the most cryptic datasets, turning numbers into nuggets of wisdom, the provocateur who’s not afraid to ask the tough questions and sparking meaningful conversations that drive the business forward. The winner of this award is Pahur from the Finance Team!

Gift Whisperer Award 
Awarded to the colleague with an unparalleled talent for selecting the perfect gift for any occasion, as if they can read minds. The expert curator who knows the latest trends in the gifting world better than anyone else, always one step ahead of the curve. Well done Rene of the Gifting Team!

The Peoples’ Choice award.

This nominee embodies everything that it means to be ‘thortful’. From improving processes, to being the first one to offer to help with office tasks. From remembering what someone’s interests are to include them in a conversation, to suggesting lunch time walks for mental health; we are very lucky to work alongside someone like her. And the winner is Alena of the Finance Team.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The final award, in the long history of the thortles has not been previously been awarded.  But the panel felt that it was important to recognise someone for their outstanding contributions across 9 years of dedicated service through the Lifetime Achievement Award.

This nominee has been with us since the very start, that is 4,730,436 minutes which is roughly the same amount of time it would take to travel to Pluto

Through blood sweat and tears he has built the built the boat on which we sail. He has had a huge impact on thortful’s culture bringing enthusiasm to all aspects of business.

Big congratulations are in order for Eric!