How to start a new job

How to prepare for a new job

Starting a new job can be daunting – and why wouldn’t it be? Not only are you being thrown into an entirely new environment with a whole bunch of people you don’t know, you want to make a good impression while doing so!

Just remember that feeling nervous ahead of starting a new job is natural. However, if you’ve gone beyond the fluttering butterfly feeling in your stomach, and are veering into feeling anxious and physically sick, then there are a few things you can do to help ease that.

Read on to discover how to cure those first-day jitters, with things you can do ahead of the big day, as well as easing into your new role in the first week.

Pre-job preparation

Wondering how to prepare for a new job? Taking some time out the week before to get yourself sorted will help you feel much more relaxed the day you start.

1. Test run your commute

No one wants to be running late on the first day of their new job. So, one of the things to do before starting a new job is test-running your commute (whether you plan to drive, catch public transport, or walk), so you’re familiar with the route and know how long it’s going to take in traffic.

2. Confirm your schedule

If you haven’t found out already, drop your new boss or HR department a message to find out what time you need to start on your first day, whether there’s a specified dress code to follow, and any other information that you think will be useful. That way, you’ll be feeling relaxed, knowing those key questions have been answered.

3. Sort everything the night before

Rather than leaving everything until the morning, get yourself sorted the night before, so you can take some of the stress away on your first day.

Lay your outfit out, pack your bag and make your lunch the evening before, so all you need to do in the morning is get dressed, without having to rush around, sorting out last-minute things.

Then, if you’re running ahead of schedule, you can congratulate yourself with a hot drink at your favourite coffee shop on the way in!

On the first day of your new job

So, you’ve made it into the office, cup of coffee and lunch in hand, but now what? These tips for your first day at your new job should help you to ease in seamlessly, and make you feel like you’ve been there forever, by the end of the first week!

1. Introduce yourself

Get the scary part out of the way on your first day and introduce yourself! Your manager might give you a walk around the office, but if not, go up to different desks yourselves and say hi, or if you’re making a drink in the kitchen and there are people there, introduce yourself.

Alternatively, if you don’t get a chance to do it in the office, and you’re working from home, then drop a message on Teams to people you know you’re going to be working directly with. After all, once you’ve spoken to someone for the first time, it’ll be a lot easier chatting to them for the second!

2. Try and remember names

Starting a new job is completely overwhelming with so many different things to learn and take in, but one thing that might help is trying to remember the names of the people you meet.

Of course, no one’s going to mind if you apologise and say you’ve forgotten what with the information overload you’ve been experiencing; but here’s a tip to help you remember names at your new job: load up the people page on your website, so you can put names to faces (but not when you’re in the office, as that could look a bit weird!).

3. Locate all the key places in the office

What’s worse than being desperate for a wee at your new job, and not knowing where the toilet is? Hopefully your induction will cover this, but if not, take the time to locate where the toilets are, alongside other important places like the kitchen, break area and meeting rooms, as it’ll take a weight off your mind when you walk in on your second day.

The first week

So, you’ve met everyone, and you know how to locate your way around the office, now what? These three tips will set you up beyond your first week at your new job.

1. Be social

Whether it’s going out for lunch with your team, or enjoying a drink together after work, it’s important to make an effort on the social side of things – especially in your first week, as it sets the tone.

So, if your boss suggests something, make sure you say yes… and if they don’t? Well, there’s no harm in suggesting a casual drink after work for you to get to know your new team better.

2. Plan in your inductions

Again, this might be something your boss has already done, but if not, ask who the key people are who you’ll be working with, and set up a half an hour meeting with each of them, so you can find out more about their role, and how you’ll be working together.

These meetings will also give you the chance to ask any other questions you have, and find out more about the work expected of you.

3. Organise your workload

By the end of your first week, you should have more of an idea about your tasks for the week ahead, so before you log off on Friday afternoon, sort yourself a to-do list, so you can start the following Monday feeling prepared for whatever life throws at you!

So, if you’ve been looking for tips for starting a new job, you’ve got them! By following these actionable steps the week before (and the week of) your job, all butterflies should be banished, and you’ll feel like you’ve been working at your new workplace for years.

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