How to add a personal touch to your home

How to add a personal touch to your home

Moving into a new home is so exciting – all the boxes! Buying new furniture! All that extra room for activities! But how do you turn your house into a home that reflects your personality and your loves and likes? Crafting your personal space takes time and effort, but there are some really quick little home touches you can make. Find out how you can make your house a home with our top tips and tricks!

How to make a house a home

Beautiful furniture and sleek paint on the walls can make your house look Pinterest-worthy, but what will actually turn it into your home is including those little personal touches. Whether you’re into maximalism, minimalism, Danish pastel, or coastal grandmother chic interior trends, there’s a way you can incorporate your favourite memories, treasures that are close to your heart, and your favourite things into your space – here are some ways you can do this:

  • Use your favourite artwork in a different colour grade if you want it to match your colour scheme – turn it black and white, amp up the colour grading for a bolder print, or give it a pink tint in a pink frame to go monochrome.
  • Curate some bookshelves – gather together items you love in colours that work well together or monochromatic colours, and group these together on your bookshelves between your books.
  • Pictures of your family don’t have to remain in one spot above the fireplace – create a gallery wall in your hallway or on your staircase using a variety of frames in the same colour palette.
  • Your kids’ toys don’t have to remain hidden out of sight either – create open shelving that they can easily access and that can show off all the latest presents Santa has brought them.
  • Include your favourite colours wherever possible – don’t feel constricted by what you see on social media or in interior design magazines, you can use any colours you want in your home, and you can do it with style too by exploring different colour schemes online.

Little home touches you can include

Here are some other home touches that will make your home feel more like… you! If you love to get creative, show off your artwork around your home, from framing the prints you’re most proud of, to building open shelving in your kitchen to showcase all the pottery you’ve made. And if you love getting creative with the kids in your family too, why not create a space you can all enjoy like a blackboard wall, or a scribbling wall where drawing on the walls won’t get you landed on the naughty step?

Fresh flowers are another great way to add a little touch of hominess to your house – whether you pick them from your new garden, pick some up from the supermarket or get sent some flower gifts from a truly lovely friend or family member, they’ll brighten up your space and bring in plenty of colours. Plus, they’ll put a smile on your face every time you walk into the room!

Don’t be afraid to mix old and new belongings either – your grandmother’s kitchen table will look incredible with some modern dining chairs, and you’ll have a story for every scratch and mark at your next dinner party! Vintage accessories are very popular right now too, so you don’t need to worry about not feeling trendy enough, there’s plenty of room for traditional frames for modern artwork, or unique ornaments with a rich family history.

Make a house a home with cosy finishes

Interested in making your house feel all snuggly and relaxing from the moment you step through the day? No problem, here are some of the ways you can achieve the ultimate cosy abode:

1. Soft furnishing

Soft furnishings like rugs, cushions, and blankets add plenty of cosy vibes to a home, and make a room feel warmer and more inviting – after all, who doesn’t want to feel like they can just lie down in any part of a living room and nod off to sleep? Create cosy nooks in different areas of your home – like a reading nook in your bedroom, or a dining nook in your kitchen, where everyone can cuddle up together or you can take a quiet moment in your day to unwind.

2. Mood lighting

Lighting can also make a room feel much cosier, depending on how you use it. Candles are great for creating a relaxing atmosphere, with their soothing aromas and gentle light, and there are lots of different scents you can choose from to make into your home’s signature scent.

Lamps also cast a lovely soft glow in a room compared to overhead lights which are bright and illuminate the whole room. They also can come in all shapes and sizes so you can find something unique that suits your space perfectly. Strong lights are also a fun addition to any room that adds a gentle glow that can frame your favourite artwork, or line your crown moulding to fill the room with soft lighting.

3. Outdoor hangout spots

Outdoor hangout spots are another way to create that cosy feeling in a different part of your home – bring the warm and cuddly inside outdoors with a comfy water-resistant outdoor sofa and chairs, and throw in a firepit to add even more moody lighting to the mix. String lights work great outdoors too, and you can even buy solar lamps that will turn on automatically as the night draws in and create dancing lights around your garden.

4. Cosy corners and nooks

Is there anything more cosy than a little nook or corner? Somewhere undisturbed you can go when you want to have your nose in a book  or even just a spot to take a quick nap. To achieve this in your own home, all you need to do is find a nice little corner, ideally somewhere with decent natural light, and put a beanbag or an armchair there. Then it’s all about layering with rugs, throws, and fluffy cushions. You might even want to add a little side table for added convenience.

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