Christmas with Shoreditch Park Primary

This Christmas thortful has been working with Shoreditch Park Primary School to launch a range of special Christmas cards that ensure every child feels included in this year’s Christmas celebrations. Shoreditch Park Primary School is in Hackney, East London, close to the City of London and nestled in the creative hub of Shoreditch. The school reflects the diverse multicultural and multi-ethnic population of the area.  It celebrates achievement, challenge and inspiration whilst balancing knowledge with creative and imaginative opportunities. The school believes it has a role in shaping future communities through supporting the development of happy, thoughtful and confident children, who are able to realise their potential through a lasting love of learning and a sense of curiosity in the world around them. 100% of the profit from the sales of the Christmas cards will go to charity Ekarta.

The concepts were developed by children aged between 5 & 10 years old. The brief was simple, we asked them: ‘what does Christmas mean to you?’ The designs were brought to life by some of thortful’s community of creators:

‘I decided to draw superheroes because I was inspired by a superhero movie that I watched which was inclusive of different cultural backgrounds’. Designed by Noor, aged 9. Brought to life by thortful creator Tastebuds 

‘My cards are called Christmas Unicorn and Snow Reindeer. I love the cards because they are beautiful and have vibrant colours, and because I love Christmas Unicorns’. Designed by Ines 6. Brought to life by thortful creator Bee Oyerinde

‘Spiderman is my favourite superhero so I wanted him to help Santa Claus with delivering the presents. I decided to draw a spider because it is the secret behind Spiderman’. Designed by Andre aged 9. Brought to life by thortful creator Tastebuds 


‘My card is called Rainbow Christmas Card. I drew and designed this card because I like snowmen, reindeer and Santa. The one I like the most is the Robin and the gingerbread man. I would like to dedicate this Christmas Card to my family, friends, and to all the people fighting the Covid-19 virus’. Designed by Tumini aged 6. Brought to life by thortful creator The Playful Indian

‘I designed my card because I wanted to make people happy during Christmas time’. Designed by Cinar aged 9. Brought to life by thortful creator The Playful Indian

‘I liked doing it because it was fun and because I like designing cards and using my imagination on what I draw in my cards. I made it so lots of people can enjoy it and unicorns make people happy. I like to express my feelings with unicorns. I have never seen a unicorn Santa card before. The Unicorn is called Hollycorn’. Designed by Evie aged 7. Brought to life by thortful creator Blue Kiwi 

‘My cards are called Unicorn Kitty Christmas Jumper and Santa’s Workshop Mayhem. My card company is called ‘Unicorn’. What I like about the project is that people all around the world will be able to buy my cards and my friends cards, and the designs will make people happy. They will also tell me how good they are!’ Designed by Irenie aged 7. Brought to life by thortful designer Blue Kiwi

‘I chose superheroes because they can travel through space and time to help Father Christmas deliver christmas presents. Also, we all need a hero to look up to’. Designed by Alonso aged 9. Brought to life by Cory Reid

‘My card is called Earth Peace – Earth’s Happy Christmas. I liked the project because it was fun designing my own Christmas card. The design is about Christmas around the whole wide World. I like my card because it is bright, colourful and vibrant’. Designed by Albie aged 6. Brought to life by thortful designer Cory Reid


My cards are called ‘The magnificent cards’ because they are perfect. My card company is called – I’ve thought about it so much. I like the project because it’s about Christmas and superheroes. I’m excited because I’ve enjoyed myself. Designed by Koby aged 6. Brought to life by thortful designer Cory Reid 

Ekarta founder Sarah Coombes comments: “It has been fantastic to see how hard the children have worked and how excited they have been about collaborating with professional artists. They have seen themselves as valued creators – both artistically and commercially. This energy was easily matched by the support and enthusiasm from the artists, together bringing the project to life. Ekarta hopes that by doing innovative projects like this with Thortful – who have been brilliant – it will enable the industry to become a place where equality, diversity and inclusion are truly valued. Only children could come up with Santa getting help from unicorns, superheroes and rainbow magic to make Christmas special!”

Assistant Headteacher Simone Bunbury says: “The children have really enjoyed this project. It’s been a fantastic opportunity for them to work with professional artists and see their own work displayed on a commercial platform. Valuing their individual creativity and raising their aspirations is an important aspect of what we do at Shoreditch Park Primary. A brilliant way to celebrate a truly diverse and inclusive Christmas!”