Cartoons to make you giggle

We love our furry friends here at thortful HQ, so we thought we’d give you a giggle with five hilariously relatable pet cartoons from one of our talented creators. London based Rupert Fawcett – of both Off The Leash Cartoons and On The Prowl Cat Cartoons –  has been a part of our Creator Community since the very beginning. His cards are a hit with our customers too, with Rupert recently reaching over 110k thortful sales. Read on for Rupert’s clever cartoons…

You know that look. A look that makes you feel like they’d go to the end of the earth for you, but really they’re just annoyed you wouldn’t give them a bite of your sandwich.

Or breakfast, or the second and third dinner…

We can’t believe you thought there’d even be an inch of space left for you.

And usually whine a lot about the fact that it feels like dinner time but their bowl is empty. 

The concept of personal space does not exist. 

If any of those made you chuckle, Rupert has you covered for your next occasion with his card ranges!