Best 30th wedding anniversary gifts and cards

Hitting your pearl anniversary means 30 years of picking up your partner’s pants from where they’ve left them on the floor, squabbling over the best directions to take in the car, and waking up to find they’ve nicked the sheets in the night – that’s dedication.

But your 30th anniversary also means that you’re celebrating three decades of loving, supportive marriage, and maybe some kids or even grandkids along the way. That’s 30 years of slow dancing to your favourite songs, making treasured memories together, and always having a hand to hold… and that’s pretty magical.

When you hit your pearl anniversary, your married life is officially out of its twenties and has reached full maturity.

Making it to 30 years of wedded bliss is an act of true love and dedication – and we reckon you’ve definitely earned some awesome 30th wedding anniversary gifts. Browse our selection of brilliant 30th wedding anniversary cards and gifts, and check out our recommendations for some sweet gifting options for your spouse!

What is the traditional gift for a 30th wedding anniversary?

Pearls are the traditional gift for your 30th wedding anniversary – and just like a pearl, your marriage is something precious and beautiful that takes time to grow.

Pearls represent wisdom, honesty, and purity – and as they grow in oysters in the sea, they symbolise weathering various storms and changing tides, showing that your love has endured through it all and become something truly beautiful.

The modern gift for a 30th wedding anniversary is diamond, which can get a bit confusing since there’s also a traditional diamond wedding anniversary, which is for a stunning 60 years of marriage.

30th wedding anniversary flowers

The traditional flowers for a pearl wedding anniversary are lilies. This sweet-smelling and fragrant flower symbolises beauty and devotion – we reckon that’s pretty appropriate for celebrating 30 years together!

If you’re looking for a beautiful bouquet for your other half, then check out our next-day flower gifts from thortful. Our flowers are seasonal and sent in bud to make sure you get the best of your blooms – so send a perfect bunch of flowers along with the perfect card, and really make your spouse’s day.

30th wedding anniversary cards

If you’re looking for the best selection of 30th wedding anniversary cards on this here Internet, then we’ve got good news – you’re exactly where you need to be.

Our independent card creators have designed plenty of hilarious and heartfelt pearl wedding anniversary cards that aren’t like anything else on the high street – and some of them you can only find exclusively here at thortful.

Check out some of our favourite wedding anniversary cards from our brilliant thortful card makers:

30th wedding anniversary gifts for him

Okay, it’s definitely easier to find a pearl anniversary gift that’s appropriately pearl-y for ladies, with plenty of pretty pearl jewellery options available. But for the man in your life, you might have to think a little bit harder to find the perfect 30th wedding anniversary gift – or you could let us do the thinking for you.

We’ve got tons of gifting options here at thortful, but if you want some more specifically pearl-themed gifting ideas, then we’ve got your back. Here are a few ideas for 30th anniversary gifts that he’s sure to love.

Personalised decanter and a bottle of whisky                 

If he likes a sip of something strong on an evening, then make sure he does it in style. Get him a personalised whisky decanter engraved with a meaningful message, or the date of your 30th wedding anniversary, and pair it with a bottle of award-winning whisky from James Eadie.

Mother of pearl cufflinks

They’re traditional, but they’re classic for a reason – get him some stunning mother of pearl cufflinks from Aspinal of London. Their range has tons of options, from classic plain pearl cufflinks to checkered racing motif designs, inlaid with mother of pearl, and they’ll all make brilliant 30th wedding anniversary gifts for him. The next time you need to get all dressed up for a special event or occasion, he can choose his cufflinks and remember your anniversary!

Image source: Aspinal of London

Jazzy socks

If your hubby isn’t into pearlised accessories, why not play it safe with some jazzy socks? No one can have enough socks and, if your husband’s anything like other men, his sock drawer will be full of odd pairs and lots of holes. So give his sock selection a refresh with a card and socks from thortful – the perfect 30th wedding anniversary gift for him!

30th anniversary gifts for her

Find a gift that’s as beautiful and charming as she is (feel free to nick those words if you want to win some serious anniversary brownie points, by the way). Here are some sweet 30th anniversary gifts for her to show her just how much you love and care for her.

A pearl necklace

A stunning pearl necklace from Daisy Jewellery is sure to please – it’s not as stuffy as some traditional pearl necklaces, which makes it a perfect unusual gift.Every time she wears it, she’ll remember the happy occasion of your anniversary – and what better gift is there than happy memories?

Image source: Daisy

Pearl wine glasses

Alright, they’re not actual pearl, but these charming pearl-sheened wine glasses from John Lewis are very pretty, and very appropriate for celebrating an anniversary.

If your spouse enjoys a nice glass of wine in an evening, then choose this set as a thoughtful 30th wedding anniversary gift that won’t have to stay in the cupboard all year round – you can use and enjoy them whenever you’re sharing a nice meal and a lovely bottle of wine.

Image credit: John Lewis

A nice plant

Sometimes simple is best and, let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with a nice houseplant. If you have a green-fingered wife, then a card and plant from our selection of gifts will make for an excellent 30th wedding anniversary gift for her. It will sit perfectly on your mantelpiece and remind her everyday of the love you have for her.

30th wedding anniversary gifts for parents

Looking for some pearl anniversary gifts for your parents or for friends? Here are some charming ideas for presents they’ll love to receive. And don’t forget the happy anniversary card!

Pearl toasting flutes

Raise a glass to the happy couple – some smart toasting flutes or champagne glasses are an ideal gift suggestion for celebrating a pearl wedding anniversary and many happy years together!

These effortlessly stylish toasting flutes from Vera Wang and Wedgwood have an elegant base inlaid with pearl, which makes them super appropriate for celebrating a pearl wedding anniversary. Why not order a bottle of sparkling wine and a card to go along with it, so your favourite couple has everything they need in order to celebrate?

Image source: Farrar-Tanner

Anniversary in a matchbox

Looking for some cute little 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas? This adorable gift of two freshwater pearls in a beautifully designed matchbox from Marvling Bros. Ltd is perfect as a little bit of something fun for the couple who have everything already!

Image credit: Marvling Bros.

Chocolate selection

Nothing says romance like some luxurious, velvety chocolate. Buying a 30th wedding anniversary gift for a couple can be tricky, but especially if you have a theme, like pearl, to stick to.

So, if you’re really struggling, go simple but effective with a classic card and a chocolate selection. They can both share this luxurious gift, enjoying it together and reminiscing on the 30 years they’ve spent together.

Hopefully, you’re feeling super-inspired for the big 3-0 anniversary, but if you need any help, we’ve got some more inspo – plan ahead for your ruby wedding anniversary or check out some gardening gift ideas if you’ve got a spouse with a green thumb. For more creative ideas, what to write guides and tips, head to our thortful blog!

Hopefully you’re feeling super-inspired for the big 3-0 anniversary, but if you need any help we’ve got some more inspo – plan ahead for your ruby wedding anniversary or check out some gardening gift ideas if you’ve got a spouse with a green thumb. For more creative ideas, what to write guides and tips, head to our thortful blog!