With lockdown being extended, we thought we’d round up our top social posts from the last few weeks to lift your mood and give you a giggle. From wholesome tweets to relatable illustrations, we hope these posts brighten your day!

1. Cat Tac Toe



2. Shout out to all the WFH parents!

Comic by Liz Climo @blog-content.thortful.comlizclimo


3. If you’re bored at home with your cat, please try this



4. Social distancing from the fridge starts Monday

Illustration by Veronica Dearly @blog-content.thortful.comveronicadearly


5. The video we didn’t know we needed



6.Nothing beats that feeling of changing from daytime pyjamas, into nighttime pyjamas

Greeting card by Lucy Maggie Designs > https://bit.ly/2z9WQVN


7. Reunited and it feels so good



8. Cheryl keeps leaving teabags on the side, 2 steps away from the bin



9. There’s nothing like the company of a dog!



10. Thoughts of a Dog



11. Picnic tables for squirrels are a thing now



12. Remember to be kind to yourself

Illustration by Beth Evans @blog-content.thortful.combethdrawsthings


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