Wedding season is hopefully coming back with a bang this summer, and it’s not just the two tying the knot who need to prepare their attire for the big day. Wedding guest outfits are pretty important, too, so it’s time to start planning what killer ensemble you’ll be wearing.

Of course, the couple’s clothing will steal the show. But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn a few heads once you’ve arrived.

Deciding what to wear to such a monumental occasion can be a tricky task to tackle. After all, there’s such a fine line between overdressing and underdressing. Don’t panic – we’ve created this guide to ensure you look the part.

Choose your wedding outfit to match the theme and setting of the happy couple's big day

Wedding guest outfits: The do’s and don’ts

Before we get stuck in, there are several things you need to consider:


  • Check if there’s a set dress code on your invite
  • Keep it minimalistic; less is certainly more
  • Ask what your friends are wearing to avoid a double disaster
  • Colour coordinate accordingly
  • Accessorise to differentiate your look
  • Dress comfortably. Remember, you’ll be in it all day and night.


  • Turn up in a white (or ivory) dress; you don’t want to outshine the bride(s)
  • Dig out your best pair of jeans, keep them at home (where they belong)
  • Opt for a black dress or jumpsuit – you’re not attending a funeral
  • Show up in something too bright or flamboyant
  • Choose party wear, period
  • Ask for the couple’s opinion/approval; they have bigger fish to fry!

Consider where the wedding will be

When you’re deliberating over what to wear to a wedding, the setting is crucial. There’s no point securing a long sleeve number if the event is taking place in a hot country.

You need to think about the location, venue and what the weather will be like on the day. Yes, the weather has a mind of its own, but that’s not to say you can’t plan for it.

  • If their special day is taking place in a colder climate, opt for an outfit made of thick fabric, like wool. You’ll stay toasty all day while still looking as stylish as possible.
  • Don cotton or linen items if you’re celebrating under the sun. These materials will keep you cool – say hello to breezy attire and goodbye to those dreaded sweat mark stains.

A cute dress or jumpsuit makes for a perfect wedding outfit

Wedding guest outfits for women

There are oodles of women’s wedding outfits on the market, although this can make choosing the right one a little bit difficult…

1. Wear a chic dress

Maxi dresses, midi dresses and formal cocktail dresses are staple pieces for wedding guests at this celebratory event. This is because of their respectable length, plus, they ooze class.

However, if the loved-up couple will be exchanging their vows during the rainier months, you should choose the length accordingly. You don’t want mud or puddle splashes transferring onto your newly-bought outfit!

So, what are the best dresses to wear to a wedding?

  • Look out for items with detailed back designs to put a refined twist on a classic style
  • Select silky, chiffon or lace items to compliment your figure
  • The design and colour depends on your preferred style – but lighter hues are best
  • Add a clutch bag to your ensemble and paint your nails the same colour.

2.      Slip on a jumpsuit

Formal jumpsuits have become an increasingly popular choice for female wedding guests. Why? Because they are eye-catching, without drawing attention away from the bride(s).

This item’s built-in trouser design lets you dance the night away with confidence. Oh, and trying to catch the bride’s bouquet gracefully has never been easier.

There are countless styles out there to choose from, ranging from simple pastel-coloured pieces to pristine patterned designs.

  • For a summer wedding, opt for a sleeveless floral number and pair it with a set of neutral-coloured peep-toe stilettos
  • If you’re attending a winter celebration, a long-sleeve chiffon version will work beautifully with block heels.

Pick a smart sharp suit for your wedding day outfit.

Wedding guest outfits for gents

The first rule of thumb? Don’t wear shorts to a wedding. Full-length trousers are the go-to, always. Either purchase tailored trousers as part of a suit or opt for a universal-fitting, straight-leg piece.

You’ll want to diversify your look with a striking ensemble, without taking the limelight away from the groom(s). Here are some of our wedding outfit ideas and tips for the men:

1. Rock a suave suit

A three-piece suit is a popular wedding outfit choice, built of trousers, a waistcoat and a suit jacket. In the colder months, this attire is ideal. However, you may want to lose the waistcoat and put on a short-sleeved shirt if you’re invited to a summer wedding.

There are suit styles to please everyone. You might want to go for a sharp, James Bond-inspired look or spice things up with tweed, checked patterns like the gents wear in Peaky Blinders.

You can experiment with different designs and let your personality shine through.

  • Go bold and pick a pinstriped number
  • Sport floral patterns to make a statement
  • Choose a bright, velvet suit for a retro look
  • Take it down a notch with minimalistic, flecked patterns.

Leather loafers add a stylish twist to any classic or modern suit, too. Simply decide whether you want to wear a pair with socks or not.

2. Mix things up

If you’re not into suits, you can easily toy with the traditional ensemble. Just wear a smart, slim-fit blazer, a long sleeve shirt and cotton trousers, complete with a pair of polished brogues.

For a more formal dress code, a set of silver cufflinks will complete your look, as will a trusty tie pin. Don’t forget to add a coloured pocket square, either.

Wedding outfits for mothers of the bride or groom

As the matriarch of the family, you have an important role to play on your child’s wedding day. Along with keeping stress at bay, you’ll require an iconic outfit.

Thankfully, as time has moved on, so have wedding trends. The days of wearing conservative-looking suits and frumpy gowns are long gone. Instead, mothers of the bride (or groom) can welcome sophisticated attire with open arms.

Here’s what to consider:

  • Match your ensemble with the theme of the wedding
  • Purchase a silk, lace, floral or embroidered dress to make a statement
  • The length you choose is down to personal preference, but mid and floor-length dresses are a great shout
  • Finish off your look with a hat or fascinator. This adds that extra layer of importance to your outfit and shows your high position in the wedding party.

What to wear to a winter wedding

But what about winter weddings? Of course, you will need to bear in mind the colder weather, which can make picking out a wedding guest outfit tricky.

Not to worry though; we’re here to help and have come up with a few winter-appropriate options for you:

1.     Keep cosy in a furry winter coat

It might seem obvious, but a great outfit option for a winter wedding is to throw on a furry coat. Find one that complements your outfit underneath to really take things to the next level. There’s no reason you can’t still be fashionable and prepared for the chilly weather at the same time!

This is also a great option as it means once you’re inside where it’s nice and warm, you can easily take it off.

2.    Long sleeve dresses are your friend

You shouldn’t have to suffer through a wedding with goosebumps on your arms which is why a long sleeve dress is a great winter wedding option.

Whether you want to dress it up or keep things more casual, you can accessorise however you like.

It’s time to get organised

Now that your outfit plans are in progress, it’s time to get your hands on a special wedding card for the happy couple. Shop our remarkable range, now, to find the perfect design.

Then, read our other helpful blog posts for more handy tips – you can thank us later!