Ah, Yorkshire. Home of puddings, the Chuckle Brothers, and the world’s largest railway museum. God’s own country, allegedly. It’s also where we print and post our cards! But how well do you know Britain’s largest historic county?

Sure, we could test you on facts and figures, but if you really want to claim you know the place, you need to know the lingo.

Take the quiz below and use #thortfulcards to let us know if you scored owt.

Can you guess the slang?

Tell that whippet to sit, adjust your flat cap and click Start to get going.

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When you're feeling mardy you're...

2 / 11

If you're mafting, are you...

3 / 11

If someone says ‘Ey Up!’, what do they mean?

4 / 11

Someone hands you a butty, what is it?

5 / 11

Your uncle calls you a ‘Daft ‘apeth’. Are you…

6 / 11

Someone shouts ‘put t’wood in t’oil’. What should you do?

7 / 11

Your friend asked you to meet you in the snicket, where is that?

8 / 11

The bairn isn’t feeling very well. Who are they?

9 / 11

Your mate wants to give you a croggy. What is that?

10 / 11

Your friend wants you to engage in a spot of twagging. What are they suggesting?

11 / 11

You’re nithered.

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If you know someone who’d beat this quiz with the full local knowledge of a native, you might want to send them a Yorkshire Birthday Card