International Women’s Day

We are proud to be a marketplace supporting many small, creative businesses run by some amazing women; so this International Women’s Day we wanted to celebrate them! We asked four of our talented female creators to design a card for the women who inspire them.

As a mother of three daughters (23, 21 and 9) I am acutely aware of the importance of body positivity and the damage it can do when you don’t appreciate what you’ve got. As a teenager I lamented my body, and for no good reason. I didn’t want my daughters to feel the same. When Lizzo shot onto the scene with her fearless self confidence it felt like I had been waiting for her my whole life. To me she epitomises self-care and the act of unapologetically being yourself whilst protecting your own mental well being. Be yourself! Be the queen you are! and while we’re at it – remember to polish everyone elses’ crown too, and not just your own, to feel GOOD AS HELL!

Education. I feel it’s something we take for granted when we’re young but imagine if getting an education wasn’t an option, where would you be now? There are millions of girls who don’t get this opportinity. My card is aimed at Malala. A young girl who spoke out in public when she was denied an education, which made her a target of those who were against this. Today, she fights to get girls an education by building schools, raising funds to educate them and giving them access to these resources by eliminating discimination.

Caroline Criado-Perez has, for me, made gender bias & inequality infuriatingly tangible with the incredible book ‘Invisible Women.’ I have not only worked my way through it studiously, I have ‘encouraged’ my Husband to do the same, I feel Caroline should be celebrated & the book required reading for… well, everyone.

Destinys Child have always been iconic to me. They inspired me to be my most unashamedly bad ass (bootylicious) self. They taught girls to be survivors, to buy our own diamonds and buy our own rings and told all the woman who are independent to “throw your hands up at me”. Long live DC3

Celebrate the incredible women in your life this International Women’s Day; whether it’s your Sister for always championing you, your work wife who is bossing it in her career or a friend who’s recently become a new mum, view our curated collection of cards that support, motivate and inspire.