How to reuse your thortful cards

At thortful, we try to make our cards as eco friendly as possible with recyclable matte paper, and vegan inks. But what happens when the occasion is done and your card isn’t needed anymore? You could pop it in the recycle bin. But here are some ways you can repurpose your thortful card – sustainable and fun!

Use your cards as poster

Since our cards are designed by independent creators, each one is literally a work of art! Pop it in a frame to decorate your home and appreciate our unique designs every day.

Steps to create posters:

Take your gorgeous card and pop it into a frame.

(You’ll need 15x21cm for an A5 and 21x30cm for an A4)

Hang your new poster in a prominent place in your home and smile every time you see it

Hot tip: you don’t even need someone to buy the card for you, you can head to our website and order one yourself to display as a super cheap print.

Create Unique Bookmarks

Get the scissors out for this one and turn your card into a bookmark! With the thick card paper and fun designs, this is the perfect and unique way to spice up your novels and could even be gifted to a friend. 

Steps to create bookmarks:

Cut the cards into a rectangular bookmark-sized piece.

If you’re feeling really keen, you can even laminate for durability.

Punch a hole at the top and add a ribbon or tassel for that added flair once your book is shut.

Design Personalised Gift Tags

Want to repurpose your card but don’t need it for yourself? Why not use it to create some gift tags and keep the love rolling. (Bonus points if the card already says Happy Birthday on it.)

Steps to create gift tags:

Cut the cards into small, tag-sized shapes. Go as creative or simple with the shapes as you like.

Personalise with a heartfelt message on the back

Punch a hole for string or ribbon.

Add the label to the gift and share the love forward

Keep the cards stored away for precious memories

This one is pretty simple. But sometimes the best way to repurpose your card is to keep them safe as a reminder of how much your friends and family care for you.

We’d suggest sorting some type of box or storage solution to keep them and pull them out for a little pick-me-up on a tough day, or a trip down memory lane.