Inspirational gift ideas for him

Best birthday present ideas for him

If the man in your life is the kind of guy who obsesses over his hobbies and has no problems pulling his wallet out to treat himself (but never rushes when it’s his round at the bar, am I right?!), then buying birthday gifts for him can be a nightmare. Fortunately, we’ve done some of the work for you to make finding birthday gifts for dad, grandad, your brother or your partner a breeze. You might be buying birthday gifts for a guy who loves his garden shed more than his house, or the man who is happiest hitting the road with his family – whoever it is, we’ve got a great range of thortful gifts, as well as some ideas that might just inspire you to the perfect gift. 

Buying for a guy who thinks he's it in the kitchen? Serve him up a personalised apron on his birthday.

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What to look for when buying birthday gifts for him

We often stereotype men as being shallow, simple-minded humans with single-track minds and obsessive tendencies. But as true as that might feel when he’s getting more emotional about his football team losing than the state of his actual life, we need to give guys a bit of credit when buying birthday gifts.

In that spirit, we’ve picked out some birthday gift ideas for him – some that stay within a safe ballpark, with others adding a few creative twists that should appeal to his more imaginative side.

Birthday gifts for dad

There was a time when the beer dads loved was orangey brown, flavourless, and weak enough to drink all afternoon without falling over. But these days, craft beer is king, and a lot of dads would love a pack of craft beer, like our beer and card gift selection from the award-winning Firebrand Brewing Co.!

If he fancies himself as a bit of Jamie Oliver, you can boost his cooking credentials with a personalised chopping board, or get on right on trend with a pizza oven that sits on top of his beloved barbecue. Delicious homemade pizzas all round!

Coffee roasters are great places to turn for gift ideas if you're buying for a caffeine addict!

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Birthday gifts for grandad

When you’re buying birthday presents for your grandad, keep in mind that he’s been in the game a good while now and doesn’t necessarily want to be signed up to a new gym subscription or taking ukulele lessons. If you want to keep it super simple, start with a birthday card for grandad that he’s sure to love, and go from there. 

What he might like is a relaxation and wellness kit for a bit of pampering to leave him serene and smelling sensational. Or for the coffee connoisseur a gift box of hand-roasted coffees would be a thoughtful gift. 

Just watch him carry his personalised washbag around with him like he's Harry Kane getting off the team bus.

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Birthday gifts for brother, son or best friend

There are some great personalised gift options out there that have a strong appeal to the men in our lives, so if you’re buying birthday gifts for your son, brother or BFF, see if you can make it unique by incorporating a personal touch.

The personalised weekend holdall is a firm favourite among day-tripping, city-breaking blokes who like their luggage to look good, and you can help him emulate his sporting heroes by picking him up a personalised vintage wash bag.

If he’s more of a music lover, you could have his favourite song lyrics turned into a piece of art he’ll happily have adorning his bedroom wall, while you can wow the guy with the appetite for spicy meat with a birthday bouquet… made exclusively of sausage!

If the way to your man's heart is to his stomach, this is the perfect gift

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Birthday presents for boyfriend or husband

Birthday gifts for the men in our lives tend to revolve around stereotypically masculine pursuits, but lads need love too! Personalised photo blankets and cushions make great presents for boyfriends and husbands who might want to cuddle up to you when you’re not available, or a gift of snuggly socks to keep him warm while he’s at work. 

If he’s in touch with his romantic side but also fancies himself as something of a Johnny Depp kind of guy when it comes to style and accessories, you could personalise a bracelet with a message that he’ll carry around with him as he goes about his daily swashbuckling adventures.

Does your fella fancy himself as Johnny Depp?

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Buying birthday cards for him

Buy him a birthday card that features a message from his dog or one with an up-to-date message about his favourite team from the extensive range of birthday cards for him at thortful. Our team of punmeisters never cease in their fight to drum up increasingly hilarious cards that will have your birthday boy chuckling himself to sleep. Alternatively, for more gift giving ideas, head on over to our blog.