Thoughts. We have about 70,000 of them every day, according to Brain Facts. Let’s be honest, they’re not all genius-level, and some of them are best left to disappear entirely. But we think the wonderful ones we have about those closest to us should be shared. In fact, us sentimental Brits keep our cards for an average of 5 years (!) because of the thoughtfulness behind them. 

So, us being thortful, we’ve been wondering how we can bring those thoughts to life. Enter the cute lil’ blobs you’ll see on our TV ads and website: the thortles!

Intimate, gritty, soppy, caring, intense, funny… our thortles represent all the different emotions that fly through our minds when we think about those closest and dearest to us. Plus they’re a bit mischievous, because we think it’s really important to let your thoughts run wild.

In the end, nothing is better than a wonderful thought shared. So that’s why we’ve got 4,000 independent creators, some nice people in an office and some really big printers to help you do it. If you think it, thortful it!

(And keep a look out for more thortles showing up all over the place.)