Drive your card sales with optimised titles & descriptions

Titles and descriptions are really important. They help people find (and hopefully buy!) your cards. By nailing your title and description, you are increasing your discoverability on both the thortful website and across Google too. In this blog post thortful’s Google Ads Manager, Komal Lalwani, details how to write a great title and description for your thortful card designs.


Your title can be up to 150 characters but the first 70 are the most important. Where appropriate, it should incorporate:

  • The occasion e.g. birthday, anniversary, thank you
  • The style e.g. funny, cute, classic
  • The recipient e.g. for mum, for friend
  • Any unique elements e.g. wordle, stranger things, llama
  • The message e.g. have a roar-some birthday

I recommend using Title Case/Camel Caps and ‘ – ’ [space hyphen space] to break out any elements as appropriate.

Komal Lalwani, thortful's Google Ads Manager


You’ve got a lot more room to play around with in the description (up to 5,000 characters). A good aim is to use around 350 – at this point, we tend to see an increase in performance. You’ll want to incorporate any additional details as well as synonyms, abbreviations and colloquial expressions.


Title: Cute Anniversary Card – Jigsaw Puzzle – You Complete Me

Description: Send your puzzle-loving significant other this cute anniversary card to let them know how much they mean to you.

Title: Funny New Home Card – Congrats On Your New Plaice

Description: Say congratulations on their new place with this illustrated fish and chips pun card!

Title: Pretty Cocktails Birthday Card For Friend – Let’s Party

Description: Send your bestie a celebratory card to toast their birthday with drinks or mocktails. Cheers to the birthday girl! 

When writing your title and description, think about how you or more importantly, a customer, would search for it...What kind of keywords do you want to match against? Be sure to incorporate these.

Komal, Google Ads Manager

Did you know?

Even if we moderate your card as ‘Profile only’, your card could still be picked up in Google’s organic search results.