Creator Basics Part 8: Evolving your best sellers

If you have found success with one of your designs and it has sold over 500 times, you should think about how you can take the idea/sentiment behind the design and maximise its sales potential!

If your best seller is a Birthday card, can you turn it into an Anniversary card? Here Katie Brooks took her Mother’s day designs and made a version for Father’s day.

The best way to make another version of a design might not be as simple as changing the ‘Happy Birthday’ to ‘Happy Anniversary.’ 

A great example of this is how Eat the Moon found an audience of couples who watch murder documentaries together and evolved her popular Valentine’s day design into a Christmas card altering more than simply swapping in ‘Happy Valentine’s day’ for ‘Happy Christmas.’

Think about why your successful card resonated with customers. For example, when you see Studio Boketto’s Oasis card, you can’t help but sing the caption in your head and so they recreated this idea with another catchy Fleetwood Mac song.

It helps to think about the ‘customer profile’ of the people who bought your card one year and how you can target that same audience so you can be the creator they buy from again the next year.

Hope these tips help inspire your next design! 🙂